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The 2017 edition of the UUA InSpirit series is an anthology of 29 poems, prayers, and reflections about resisting oppression and keeping the faith in social action work.

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The 2017 edition of the UUA inSpirit series is an anthology of 29 poems, prayers, and reflections about resisting oppression and keeping the faith in social action work. Written by a range of contributors, including ministers and lay leaders, these readings are ideal for both private contemplation and for use in worship. Collected and introduced by a former president of the UUA—and the first Black person to hold that position—these meditations are both a support for activists and a call to action in a new era of political and social division.

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Blue Triangle
 Martha Kirby Capo

More Love: A Call to Worship
 Nancy McDonald Ladd

The Common Good
 Kathleen McTigue

Change My Heart
 Gretchen Haley

 Dylan Debelis

Letters After My Name
 Kari Kopnick

Not Enough Candles
 Sean Neil-Barron

Prayer of Reconciliation
 Anne Barker

Welcome and Listen
 Natalie Fenimore

My House
 Adam Lawrence Dyer

Faithless Works
 Jonipher Kwong

Lamentation and Resilience
 Clare Butterfield

A Gospel Chorus
 Maury Eldridge

Crossing Boundaries
 James Ford

I pray this day for the courage to be. . .
 Maureen Killoran

After the Shootings: A Prayer
 Xolani Kacela

Peace: A Meditation Through the Chakras
 Marcia Tucker

From Ally to Advocate
 Jonipher Kwong

When we pause to remember . . .
 Alicia Forde

Radical Hospitality
 Bruce T. Marshall

Abiding Anger
 Jonipher Kwong

 Tricia Knoll

Leading to Follow
 Amy Carol Webb

White House
 Adam Lawrence Dyer

When the Unimaginable Happened
 Anne Barker

The Holy Family
 Jodi Cohen Hayashida

A Meal, a Bed, and a Phone Call
 Dylan Debelis

Antigua, Guatemala
 Sharon Scholl

Benediction for the Heavy Heart
 Mason Bolton

The InSpirit Series

Breathe. For yourself. For each other. Let
us breathe in when others cannot. When we
can do nothing else. Let us stretch ourselves
open to embrace our friends, extend
our bodies outward to anyone willing to meet us
and even those we think may not be willing. Let us
hold each other for this moment. For this
blink of human existence.
—from “Benediction for the Heavy Heart” by Mason Bolton

I didn’t look.
Like you, I didn’t look.
I turned my head,
averted my eyes,
plugged my ears,
stilled my tongue,
believing if I waited
someone else would see,
someone else would hear,
someone else would speak,
because it all happened
to someone else.
I never understood
I would be
someone else someday
because I didn’t
look like you.
—“Blue Triangle” by Martha Kirby Capo

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