In the 2018 volume of the inSpirit Series a vibrant new poetic voice invites us into an intimate relationship with nature, God, and love itself.

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Published Date: 06/01/2018
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In Love Like Thunder, the 2018 volume of the inSpirit series, a vibrant new poetic voice invites us into an intimate relationship with nature, God, and love itself. Jess Reynolds weeps in the desert at night, meditates on heart emojis, lets a river of love run wildly in their body, and together with their partner God goes to couples counseling to find their way. Jess Reynolds’ lyric poetry flows like water between genders, between body and spirit, and between earth and sky.

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This Morning
Couples Counseling
After the Latest Mass Shooting
Carry Me into the Dark
Light the Candle
Creation, Part 1
Creation, Part 2
When You Are Weary
Trumpet, Feet, Drums
On Grieving
The Scent of Cedar
A Prayer for My Queer and Trans Siblings
I Would Like to Be Buried Alive
Another Icarus
Poison Ivy
Legacy of a Body
Run, Run
How to Fall in Love with the World
Love Is Calling
Empty Nest
If My Soul
Heart Emoji
The Case for Drudgery
Where the Heart Was
Spring Prayer
The Cathedral Is Everywhere
The Midwife
Conch Shell
The Coal Miner’s Canary
Autumn Prayer
San Francisco, 1993
Mirror, Mirror
Saturday Morning Run
Meeting Georgia O’Keefe in a Museum
Everywhere, Everywhere
This Prayer Is for You


This body is a wild one:
love ripping through these veins
like fire across a prairie,
eager and hungry and holy.

Wilder still are the humming bees
that make this garden their home,
the sharp sunset color
in the dying autumn leaves,
the river running so fast
it trips over its own feet
and tumbles down a mountainside.

This heart is chasing that river,
chasing the fish swimming downstream
and the leaves about to touch soil
and the tide pulling away from the shore.
This heart is sprinting down dirt paths,
breathing so hard she might crack open.

All this running, and all for this:
She wants to love like thunder,
love like the smell of honeysuckle,
love with all the reckless abandon
of summer afternoon rain.

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