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60 On Up
Author: Lillian B. Rubin
Product Code: 3948
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 09/01/2008

In this wide-ranging book, Dr. Rubin examines how the new longevity ricochets around our social and emotional lives, affecting us all, for good and ill, from adolescence into senescence.

Price: $21.00
Breaking Free
Editor: Marilyn Sewell
Product Code: 4009
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon
Publication Date: 09/23/2004

Groundbreaking anthology for women searching for spiritual guideposts to the second half of life.

Price: $19.00
In Later Years
Author: Bruce T. Marshall
Product Code: 5213
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 03/21/2018

A Unitarian Universalist minister and chaplain explores questions of meaning and spirituality in aging through the stories and experiences of elders.

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Price: $18.00
Landscapes of Aging and Spirituality
Editor: Kathleen Montgomery
Product Code: 5175
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 05/01/2015

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store

In 19 lovely essays, elders reflect on the experience of aging and how it intersects with their spiritual lives. These heartfelt ruminations are alternately tender and frank, funny and wistful.

Price: $12.00
Ordinary Time
Author: Nancy Mairs
Product Code: 4979
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon
Publication Date: 06/01/1995

Price: $20.00
Remembering the Music, Forgetting the Words
Author: Kate Whouley
Product Code: 3700
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon Press
A chronicle of the profound, life-changing, and laugh-out-loud funny moments in the journey of an Alzheimer's caregiver
Price: $16.00
Taking Retirement
Author: Carl H. Klaus
Product Code: 4571
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon
Publication Date: 09/01/2000

Price: $21.00
The Seasoned Soul
Author: Eliza Blanchard
Product Code: 5107
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 02/17/2012

Available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle store and on Google Play.

Price: $14.00
Where Two Worlds Touch
Author: Jade C. Angelica
Product Code: 5994
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 12/17/2013

Also available as an eBook in the Amazon Kindle Store and on Google Play.

A spiritual memoir and a pastoral guide for those who love someone with Alzheimer's. Offers advice on preserving connection, self-care, and staying open to the possibility of grace.

Price: $16.00