An anthology of meditations. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

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"This collection of reflections and aspirations invites us to listen to voices that have been silenced in the past. This kind of listening is vitally important to our religious movement. In order to create a beloved community-one that shares a powerful love and shapes a common purpose-we must know one another. In order to know one another, we must hear each other's stories, see the world through each other's eyes."

— Rev. Peter Morales, from the Foreword

In Voices from the Margins, Jacqui James and Mark Morrison-Reed have compiled a remarkable collection of reflections and meditations from voices often left unheard in Unitarian Universalism. These writings remind us of both what we miss when we don't listen to marginalized voices and the amazing insights we stand to gain when we do.

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Foreword by Peter Morales


An Invitation

Waiting by Marta I. Valentín

Come, Come adapted from Rumi by Leslie Takahashi Morris

Each Day by Kristen Harper

River Call by Manish K. Mishra-Marzetti

Our Voices Must Be Heard by Jonipher Kwong

Our Questions

We Are Called by Natalie Fenimore

It is That Time and That Place by Qiyamah A. Rahman

Borderlands by Susan Manker-Seale

Who Is Welcome? by Kristen Harper

Labyrinth by Leslie Takahashi Morris

Our Journey

On the Brink by Leslie Takahashi Morris

As We Move by Orlanda Brugnola

Lessons from a Car Radio by Jackie Clement

Marginal Wisdom by Leslie Takahashi Morris

Our Identities

Song of the Universe by Manish K. Mishra-Marzetti

Redskin by Susan Manker-Seale

Why There Must Be an American Flag Upon My Tasbee by Mitra Jafarzadeh

I Too Am Beautiful by Kristen Harper

Exquisite Sight by Yvonne Seon

Thali by Abhi Janamanchi

One Love by Hope Johnson

Our Resolve

Having Been the Other by Natalie Fenimore

Social Justice by Donald E. Robinson

Prayer for Living in Tension by Joseph M. Cherry

Are We Living in a Post-Racial World, Yet? by Xolani Kacela

Saving Unitarian Universalism by John T. Crestwell Jr.

Nada te Turbe (Don't Despair) by Susan Manker-Seale

Bless a Stranger with a Smile by Monica Cummings

Our Sources of Strength

The Three Jewels by Jonipher Kwong

Love Abundant by Alicia R. Forde

God's Tears by Shuma Chakravarty

History’s Road by Clyde Grubbs and Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley

Faith and Belief by Jackie Clement

Our Seasons

Ground of Being by Natalie Fenimore

Suddenly One Summer by Addae Ama Kraba

Harvest Time by Manish K. Mishra-Marzetti

In gatherings by Marta I. Valentín

This Holiday Season by Addae Ama Kraba

When Snow Falls Gently Reminding Me of You by Om Prakash

Our Place In The Web of Life

Reformation: The Spirit of the Wind by Kristen Harper

Malama 'Aina by Jonipher Kwong

A Riff on Langston Hughes’ “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Mark D. Morrison-Reed

The Stars Are Dancing by Om Prakash

A Beautiful Assortment by John T. Crestwell Jr.

All We Are One by Yvonne Seon

Our Prayers

What is Prayer? by Shuma Chakravarty

A Prayer for Those Who Pray and Those Who Don't by Susan Manker-Seale

Let It Be So by Monica Cummings

We Dream of Peace by Marta I. Valentín

A traditional Hindu prayer translated and adapted by Abhi Janamanchi

Only Begun by William Sinkford

Our Work Is Not Yet Done by Peter Morales

About the Contributors

River Call

Between rocking the boat
and sitting down;
between stirring things up,
and peaceably going along,

We find ourselves
in community.

Each called
from many different
many different
life paths,
onto this river road.

Some are here
because the rocking of
the boat
has been too much:
too much tumult,
too much uncertainty,
too much pain.

Some are here with questions
about where the boat is going;
how best to steer it;
where this journey ends.

Others are here
as lovers of the journey,
lovers of life itself.

Here in front

each a passenger;
each a Captain;
doing the best we can.

"Rest here, in your boat,
with me," the river calls;
"Listen to how I flow,
the sound of life coursing all around you."

Let the current
hold you,
let the current
guide you;
the river that gently flows
through your soul,
"Come, let us worship."

—Manish K. Mishra-Marzetti

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