Book Fairs!

Connect your congregants and visitors with books they'll love.

Host a Book Fair with titles from Beacon Press and Skinner House Books!

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How does the Book Fair work?

•We'll help you with title selection and quantities based on the size of your book fair.

•You publicize the event within your congregation. Get your minister or lay leaders to encourage shopping!

•On the day of your fair, your members and friends peruse the books and make their purchases. Remember, charge the list price when selling the books and have customers pay the church.

•If you need additional copies of books, please contact us at 1-800-215-9076 or at, Monday through Friday 9:00 am EST - 5:00 pm EST, and we'll ship them right out to you.

•You pack up your unsold items and ship them back to us.

•We send you a final statement after processing your return.

•You send us one check (no cash, please).

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What about the money?

•Your books are billed to a special book fair account at a 40% discount (Skinner/Beacon).

•After your sale, you return the unsold books and pay the discounted amount for those that sold.

• You'll pay your shipping service to send unsold books back to us.

•You need to sell about 10% of your stock to cover return shipping costs. Most fairs sell 50% or more of the stock.

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What books will we sell at the fair?

•Here are the suggested lists for largemedium , and small bookfairs.

•Please email us with your order based on this list and include your contact information.

•You can request specific titles not on the list or non-book merchandise as long as they are in stock ready to ship (non Beacon/Skinner books and non book merchandise are subject to our quantity discounts.  Please see the Book Fair Leaders guide linked below for details).

•Please limit quantities to avoid large returns.

•We will provide substitute titles and/or trim quantities as necessary to create the best book fair package.

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How do I keep track of the books?

•When your books arrive, please unpack and count them. Contact us right away if anything is missing or damaged. Keep the invoices for your records and returns.

•Sticker your books with small post-its placed inside the front cover. Use the retail or list price on the invoice, not the discounted price.

•If you include the title and price on your post-its, you can use them to keep track of inventory. Just peel off the post-its as you sell books and tape them onto a pad or notebook. You'll have a clear record of what you sold!

•After your fair, count your books again and match them up to your post-it record. If you're missing anything, track it down!

•Returns need to be sent within 30 days of your event to our warehouse in Fitchburg, Mass.


Any other tips?

•Schedule your fair during a busy time at your congregation.

•Place your fair in a busy spot, just a little in the way.

• Publicity is very important. Advertise in your congregation's bulletin! Ask your minister to mention the fair! Ask small group leaders to talk about it!


Resources for Book Fair Leaders

Coming Soon sign to fill in with your info

Logo for use on your website, newsletter, etc

Name tag template for volunteers

Directional signs to lead people to you

Table tent signs to organize your books

Leaders Guide

Email to get started!