An inspirational roadmap to changing yourself—and the world—through self-healing, transformation, and decolonization from artist, poet, and changemaker Jezz Chung.

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ISBN: 9781797226194
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Publisher: Chronicle Prism
Pages: 224
Published Date: 03/19/2024
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Artist, poet, and performer Jezz Chung (they/them) focuses on cultural change through personal transformation. In This Way to Change, Jezz shares contemporary poetry, accessible prose, and healing practices from different therapeutic modalities to explore subjects like healing your inner child, nourishing friendships, decolonizing your thinking, deconstructing binaries, and intentional community-making.

The interactive healing practices in this book include writing and reflection prompts, somatic exercises, guided meditations, and more to help readers tap into their powers of self-healing on their journey through change.

Jezz Chung has built a career as a thought leader and changemaker through their intersectional approach to equity, creativity, and well-being. Celebrated as a champion for diversity and inclusion and featured in such outlets as Adweek, PaperMag, i-D, Teen Vogue, and The Folklore, they have a vibrant and ever-growing following on Instagram. They are an internationally recognized public speaker sought after not only for their commitment to change but for their practice of honesty and vulnerability.

TRANSFORMATIONAL SELF-HELP BOOK: For readers hungry for self-help that inspires and doesn’t feel like homework, this deeply engaging guide will spark inspiration as well as introspection. The author is uniquely positioned to address several underrepresented themes and issues, like the strictures of the gender binary, AAPI experience, LGBTQ+ experience, and neurodivergence, making this a breakthrough volume in the self-help genre.

GIFT BOOK FOR A WIDE AUDIENCE: Beautifully packaged and filled with inspiration, This Way to Change makes a powerful resource and empowering gift for readers of contemporary poetry, anyone interested in social justice, underground artists, and futurism, and those eager to explore new avenues of self-exploration and personal growth. Perfect for:
• Anyone interested in social justice, racial and disability issues, LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized identity issues
• Those seeking guidance in alternative wellness, self-guided healing, intentional community building, and collective care
• AAPI readers interested in Jezz Chung’s Korean American perspective on identity, decolonization, and intergenerational trauma
• Readers of ?Self-Love Poetry, Heart Talk, and such bestselling authors as Alexandra Elle and Yung Pueblo

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A Note from the Author

This Distance
This Difference
This Dreaming

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About the Author

“Jezz Chung is a poet, priest, and public intellectual whose work inspires a gentle vigor toward the task of world building. This book is for every exhausted changemaker who knows in their soul that a new world is possible. Our world has never felt more pain, and we have never needed Jezz’s words more. Whether you read it from start to finish or dip into it oracle-style, This Way to Change will change the way you think about change.” - Layla F. Saad, New York Times–and Sunday Times–bestselling author of Me and White Supremacy

“Jezz Chung’s This Way to Change is a warm, consensual hug from a dear friend in book form that tells you over and over again: You are valuable. Your voice matters. It is okay to be different. It is okay to be weird. You are not alone. Jezz’s grounding wisdom and loving invitation to dream up and cocreate a more joyful, liberated world together is infectious and irresistible.” - Yumi Sakugawa, author of Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe and There Is No Right Way to Meditate

“With This Way to Change, Jezz Chung beckons us through a magic portal into a truly liberated world, a world where the imagination is a powerful tool for self-actualization and collective freedom. Jezz’s words do not merely inspire, they activate. I finished this book with an invigorated sense of hope?the mere fact that This Way to Change exists is a testament to the fact that change for a better future is not only possible, it is here, and it lives in this beautiful offering.” - Zeba Blay, author of Carefree Black Girls: A Celebration of Black Women in Popular Culture

“Jezz Chung’s This Way to Change is an accessible, informative, and comforting reminder of the potential and possibilities we all contain.” - Grace Miceli, artist and author of How to Deal: With Fear, Failure and Other Daily Dreads

This Way to Change is essential reading for anyone intimidated by the challenges we face collectively, or the changes they hope to make individually. At once clear, digestible, profound, and deeply inspiring, it grounds ‘living your best life’ in principles that connect self-betterment to a better world for everyone?a refreshing reframe we so desperately need right now.” ?Sarah Burke, editor-in-chief of Them

“Jezz Chung breaks form in This Way to Change like they’ve broken boundaries and binaries their entire life. Both inspiring and heartbreaking, this is an essential tool for any human looking to deepen their worldview and relationship with themselves.” - Tommy Dorfman, actress, writer, director, founder of Club Curran

“This book is a dream-read for neurodivergent readers. Plan to come back to it again and again for creative inspiration, reparative resources, and most importantly?to know you're not alone.” - Sara Elise, multidisciplinary creative, entrepreneur, and author of A Recipe for More

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