Everyone can be an activist with the guidance of Omkari Williams, a life coach who guides readers in identifying their "activist archetype" and mapping a personal action plan for engaging in small, change-making activities with potentially big impacts.

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Published Date: 10/24/2023
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In this age of social justice, those who don't necessarily want to lead a movement or join a protest march are left wondering, "How can I make an impact?" In Micro Activism, former political consultant turned activism coach Omkari Williams shares her expertise in empowering introverts and highly sensitive people to help each of us, no matter our temperament, find our most satisfying and effective activist role. Using Williams's Activist Archetype tool, readers discover their unique strengths and use this to develop a personal strategy. To ensure sustainable involvement, Williams encourages starting small, working collaboratively, and beginning locally. Advice on self-care practices, burn-out prevention, and profiles of activists engaged in a range of activities and causes (from voter registration to craftivism, literacy programs, community gardens, and more), provide readers with the inspiration and practical know-how needed to engage in small, doable actions that make a lasting impact.

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Foreword by Layla F. Saad


1 What If an Activist Looks Like You?
2 Lay Your Foundation
3 Practice Radical Realism
4 Find Your Community
5 Build Resilience
6 What’s Your Legacy?
7 Make Your Plan

Activist Archetype Quiz
Group Guide


“If you shy away from the title of activist or don’t know if what you have to offer is enough or even important, this book will show you otherwise. You will walk away knowing that your unique way of being a changemaker is valid and valuable. And you will have the tools and mindset to ensure that you’re joyfully in this work for the long haul. Because your activism will not just be what you do. It will reflect who you are."?Layla Saad, author of the New York Times best-seller Me and White Supremacy

"Micro Activism gives shape, form, clarity, and ease to every person who wants to participate in social change. Omkari Williams brings heart and structure to help you choose the type of activism that fits with your strengths, energy, and capacity. It is a must-read.”?Pamela Slim, author of The Widest Net

"Exceedingly practical, encouraging, and digestible, Micro Activism guides the aspiring changemaker to engage in justice work effectively and with heart."?Leah Penniman, Co-Founder of Soul Fire Farm, Author of Farming While Black and Black Earth Wisdom

"[A] useful guide to micro activism ... Readers will conclude, along with the author, that micro actions are mighty."?Booklist

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