An essential guide for parents and caregivers to raising queer-friendly children in a gender-affirming space.

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ISBN: 9781250836489
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Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
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Published Date: 05/30/2023
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In the face of so many injustices across society for LGBTQ+ people, it can be easy for parents of young children to feel helpless and hopeless. While they may not be able to address every problem across the country, there's a simple place to start: right at home.

Rainbow Parenting is an indispensable stepping stone for adults who want to raise and teach kids in a queer and gender-affirming way, but might not know how. Lindz Amer, the creator of Queer Kid Stuff, an award-winning LGBTQ+ educational webseries for children and families, is an expert guide, leading readers through practical applications, important LGBTQ+ history, key lessons in intersectionality, pronouns, social justice, and more. Divided by sections that address kids' individual ages—from infancy to kindergarten—this joyful and approachable book shares a bit of hope and starts with the understanding that anyone can spread queer joy.

By giving parents and their kids a vocabulary to express themselves, Rainbow Parenting ultimately aims to create more empathetic adults—and spreads a message of radical acceptance in a world where it's sometimes dangerous to just be yourself.

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Spread Queer Joy: A Mission Statement

How to Use This Book
Venturing Under the Doorknob
Making Mistakes and Staying Vulnerable
How I Got Here
A Few Notes:
for Parents and Guardians
for Educators
for Caregivers

The State of LGBTQ+ Youth
The Obstacles Ahead
When They Shut You Down
What is Childism?
Working Through Our Biases
The Four Most Common Stigmas
Reflection&Key Take-Aways

Part I: Infancy (ages 0-1)
Let’s Start at the Very Beginning
Skip The Gender Reveal Party
Gender Conscious Parenting
Infancy is Practice Time!
A Gender-Affirming Environment
Books on Books on Books
Reflection&Key Take-Aways

Part II: Toddlers (ages 1-2)
Tiny Human Sponges
Queer Theory for Kids
Being Different is Awesome!
Age-relevant Sex Ed (Is Abuse Prevention)
Body Kindness
Body Ownership and Consent
Body Language
Reflection&Key Take-Aways

Part III: Pre-K (ages 2-3)
The Crucial Years
Gender Identity, Expression, and Euphoria
Introducing Pronouns
An Introduction to Activism&Social Justice
Reflection&Key Take-Aways

Part IV: Elementary Schoolers (ages 4+)
The First Day of Kindergarten
Revisiting Gender
Learn Your LGBTs
Diving Deeper on Intersectionality
Focusing Your Activism
Introducing LGBTQ+ History to Your Kid
Reflection&Key Take-Aways


"An incredibly thoughtful and comprehensive guide focused on awareness and action. Throughout the book, Lindz balances what we need to know and what we can do as caregivers." —Britt Hawthorne, author of Raising Antiracist Children: A Practical Parenting Guide

"Insightful . . . . Filled with practical guidance and thoughtful commentary, this is a valuable resource for raising children beyond the gender binary." —Publishers Weekly

"Whether the kids you are raising (or helping to raise) are queer, questioning, or straight/cisgender, and whether you know nothing about LGBTQ identities or are proudly queer yourself, this book will assist you in creating an environment where they and their peers can grow up affirmed and supported. Highly recommended." —Mombian

"Immensely important." —Bay Area Reporter

Rainbow Parenting is infused with love on every page. No matter where folks are at on understanding the queerness spectrum and LGBTQ+ worlds, this profoundly accessible guidebook will meet all with kindness, humour, and care. Lindz Amer’s nuanced understanding (both lived and researched) about the worlds of (queer) children will open up many joy-filled pathways for adults to concretely support and affirm the kiddos in their life more, engendering safety, justice, and thriving for everyone!” —carla joy bergman, editor of Trust Kids and co-author of Joyful Militancy

"A revolutionary read for any parent—heck, any person. Whether you’re a queer parent, have a queer child, or know a queer child, this book should be a mandatory resource. Lindz breaks down the best and most helpful ways to deliver important LGBTQ+ themes and terms to kids of all ages into digestible chunks. They also do the important work of demystifying the stigmas and misinformation around talking to young kids about queerness. Read this book and help spread queer joy!" —Stacey Chomiak, author and Illustrator of Still Stace

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