Abbie E. Goldberg

Abbie E. Goldberg, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, psychology professor, and internationally known scholar of LGBTQ families. She has been studying LGBTQ families for 20 years.

Dr. Goldberg has conducted studies of children on LGBTQ parents, adoptive LGBTQ parent families, LGBTQ parent families formed via insemination, and bisexual mothers partnered with men. Within these families, she has examined topics such as the transition to parenthood, the transition to divorce, and the relationships with families who have used the same donor.

Dr. Goldberg has written three books and edited three books on LGBTQ parent families; spoken internationally about these topics; consults regularly with attorneys, therapists, and educators; and has been interviewed by numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, The Atlantic, USA Today, and Goldberg is currently the director of women's and gender studies at Clark University.

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