An authoritative, comprehensive, and easy-to-read guide to parenthood and family building for LGBTQ people.

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Published Date: 05/24/2022
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From surrogacy and adoption, to transgender pregnancy and finding child care, parenting as an LGBTQ person is complex. This book is an authoritative, comprehensive, and easy-to-read guide to parenthood and family building for LGBTQ people.

The path to becoming a parent is complicated for LGBTQ people. Some LGBTQ people don't consider parenthood because of stereotypes and barriers, while others are interested in parenthood but unsure about the first steps or overwhelmed by the path to take. Still others are discouraged by the attitudes of their family, community, or religion.

This book provides LGBTQ parents and prospective parents with the detailed, evidence-based knowledge they need to navigate the transition to parenthood, and help their children thrive.

Dr. Abbie E. Goldberg, psychologist and researcher, uses the results of her LGBTQ Family Building Project to help challenge traditional beliefs that have often been weaponized against LGBTQ people to prevent or discourage them from becoming parents. She walks readers through the various steps and decision points in becoming a parent, describes key research findings on family building, and offers key questions and reader-friendly checklists to easily enable readers to evaluate the LGBTQ friendliness and overall “fit” of adoption agencies, health care providers, day cares, and other institutions.

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Chapter 1. Deciding to Become a Parent

Chapter 2. Considering and Choosing Adoption

Chapter 3. Family Building Options: Considering and Choosing Donor Insemination

Chapter 4. Surrogacy and Other Family-Building Routes

Chapter 5. Choosing LGBTQ Friendly Adoption Agencies and Health Care Providers

Chapter 6. Transitioning to Parenthood

Chapter 7. Parenting in the Early Years

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