Explores the unique and inspiring developmental experiences of LGBTQ+ leaders, the amazing capabilities they bring to teams, and what that means for everyone pursuing positive and inclusive organizational strategy.

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LGBTQ+ individuals disproportionately encounter bias, adversity, stigma, and marginalization throughout their lives. It's an enormous obstacle - but also prepares them for leadership in a fast-moving, volatile, uncertain, complex, and adaptive working world.

The book explores the unique and inspiring developmental experiences of LGBTQ+ leaders, the amazing capabilities they bring to teams, and what that means for everyone pursuing positive and inclusive organizational strategy. With stories from the armed forces, lawyers, entrepreneurs, authors, academics, thought-leaders, medical professionals - you name it - this shows how queer folk everywhere are harnessing their hard-won power and resilience to excel.

With a history of excellence in queer leadership, the contextual underpinning of adversity and resilience theory, and uplifting stories and soundbites from queer game-changers in every field - this is an essential resource for LGBTQ+ individuals, allies, advocates, business professionals and leaders of all kinds.

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Preface: Notes to Readers

Part I The LGBTQ+ Leader

1. Introduction
Why We Wrote This Book
The Power of Story
Why Deliberately Explore LGBTQ+ Leadership

2. We’ve Always Been Here
LGBTQ+ Leadership Visibility
Norms of the Classical Era
Driven into the Shadows
Moving Forward
3. LGBTQ+ Leadership Development
Crucibles of Development
How and Why LGBTQ+ Leadership Superpowers Develop
Cognitive Processes
4. LGBTQ+ Crucibles
How Individual Experiences Shape Development
How Community Experiences Shape Development
5. Leadership Theory and Queer Application
Transformational Leadership
Authentic Leadership

Part II Developing Leadership Superpowers

6. A Sense of Self
Searching the Soul – The First Step Is the Hardest
The Importance of Honesty and Trust
Is Being Openly LGBTQ+ a Vulnerability
The Downside of Inauthenticity
The Confidence of Authentic Leadership
7. Shaped by the Environment
Scanning the Environment
Risk and Opportunity Management
8. Always Growing
Growth Mindsets
9. All about Others
From Self to Other
10. Everybody Transitions
Facing the Fear
Fortifying the Self

Part III Superpowers at Work: Practical Guidance for Leaders
11. Leveraging Diversity
The Diversity Iceberg and Intersectionality
Creating Cultures of Inclusion
How LGBTQ+ Leaders Leverage Diversity
12. Opening Doors and Supporting Growth
Prepare to Work
Acknowledging Bias
Acknowledging Identity
Mentoring and Empowering
Examining Structures

13. LGBTQ+ Leadership in Practice
Playing Pitfall
Tempered for Toughness
The Heroes We Need

14. Champions of the Long Game
Maintaining Energy
Building Community
Everyone Has a Role
Elevating Voices
Broadening Our Understanding
This Isn’t the End

Epilogue: Be the Goat
Further Reading

"Fram and Cavallaro have created a resource that harnesses our individual resilience as queer people, and exemplifies how that can be our own superpower. A wonderful book that tells LGBTQ+ people that there isn't a limit on our potential in this world." - Jamie Windust, author of In Their shoes: Navigating Non-Binary Life.

"An insightful and engaging read that helps us all step into your power as queer leaders - whatever that may look like - with surprising insights and connections that altered my perception of leadership." - Ben Pechey, author, presenter, DE& I consultant, and author of The Book of Non-Binary Joy

"For decades we have seen professional literature and research focus on the impact of oppression, discrimination, and minority stress on members of LGBTQIA+ communities. In recent years, we have started to observe more dialogue centering the resilience within our communities. Forging Queer Leaders takes that work to the next level with its emphasis on how our community leaders have grown and flourished from their experiences while offering concrete advice to the next generation of leaders within our communities." - Nick Grant, PhD, ABPP, and Immediate Past President, GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ+ Equality.

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