Bree Fram

Colonel Bree Fram is an active duty US Space Force astronautical engineer. She's also an author, podcast host, and keynote speaker. Bree co-leads the LGBTQ+ Initiatives Team, dedicated to eliminating barriers to LGBTQ+ service in the Air and Space Force. Bree came out as transgender on the day the transgender military ban was dropped in 2016. She’s now one of the highest ranking transgender officers in the US military and is currently assigned to the Pentagon. Bree commanded at the squadron level, led security cooperation activity with Iraq, and was a program manager for satellite and technology programs. Bree deployed to Qatar and Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Her writing has been featured in the Washington Post, Military Times, Inkstick, and LGBTQ Nation. Bree holds degrees in aerospace (B.S) and astronautical engineering (M.S) and national security and strategic studies (M.A).

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