Nineteen stories bring to life the seven UU principles. Each story is followed by discussion questions, activities and a reading list
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From Buddha to Jesus to the Sufi masters of Islam, spiritual teachers have used stories to convey basic messages about truth and right living." --Colleen McDonald. Nineteen stories bring to life the seven UU principles. Each story is followed by discussion questions, activities and a reading list. All ages.

Family story time, intergenerational worship, children’s chapel, home schooling, camp programs--these are just a few of the contexts in which this resource is useful. In addition to activities and discussion questions, McDonald offers helpful tips on storytelling in the beginning of the book. The stories and follow-up material focus on core UU principles, encouraging children--and adults--to feel comfortable with themselves, to stand up for their beliefs even if those beliefs are “unpopular,” and to be kind to others. Issues involving differently-abled people, homophobia, conflict resolution, mortality and sharing a diverse and fragile world environment are handled with directness and honesty.

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Each and Every Person Is Important

If Christmas Eve Happened Today by Shannon Bernard

Give the Ball to Peetie by Gary Smith

All People Should Be Treated Fairly

The Stone on the Mantel by Colleen M. McDonald

Brown Shoes by Colleen M. McDonald

Mistakes by Colleen M. McDonald

We Accept One Another and Keep on Learning Together

The Day the Turkey Walked by Joshua Searle-White

A Candle for Us by Colleen M. McDonald

Everyone Must Be Free to Search for What Is True and Right in Life

Grandmother’s Gift by Colleen M. McDonald

A Little Jar Labeled Freedom by Cynthia B. Johnson

Answer Mountain by Sarah E. Skwire by Colleen M. McDonald

It Is Our Responsibility to Work for a Peaceful, Fair, and Free World

The Children’s Crusade by Kate Rohde

The Evil Wizard by Joshua Searle-White

Spite Fences by Paul Beckel

What If Nobody Forgave? by Barbara Marshman

All People Should Have a Voice and a Vote about Things That Concern Them

Susan Goes to Work by Colleen M. McDonald

A Good Idea by Judy Campbell

We Should Care for Our Earth and Its Plants and Animals

Reverence for Life by Ruth Gibson

Bird Mother by Erin Dajka

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“The discussion questions following each story are great for groups of children, or for parents who want to engage their children one on one. The suggested creative activities after each story are wonderful ways to extend the experience. The stories, questions and activities have are suitable for different developmental levels.”

—Dori Duure, Religious Education director, Central Midwest UUA District

“A wonderful resource! I will return to these stories again and again.”

—Lindsey Halpern-Givens, Director of Religious Education, United Church of Chirst

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