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Published Date: 05/01/1994
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29 enchanting tales present God in a variety of multicultural, non-sexist ways - as a transcendent mystery, a spiritual force, peace and silence, the mother and father of life, light and darkness and more.

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Hide-and-Seek with God

God Has Many Names

The One Great Web of Life

God Is Like the Mother of All

God Is Like a Father

Being with God in Prayer

God Is Like a Compassionate Deer

Things God Made for Joy

The Mystery of God

Different Points of View

People Have Different Ideas About God

Seeing God with an Inner Eye

God Is in All Beings of the Earth and Sky

Finding God in Silence

God Is Like Light

God Is Like Darkness

Making Good Things Happen

Everflowing Forgiveness

God Creates and Names

Mother Mawu Wants Peace

Many Paths to God

God Comes to Us in Our Dreams

Changing Woman, Changing World

The Spirit of God Is There When a Baby Is Born

The Spirit of God Is There When Someone Dies

The Healing Power of God

God Wants Fairness

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

God Is in Each One of Us

Once upon a time God said, “I’m bored because I don’t have anything to do. I want to play with my friends.” And because God is God, as soon as the words were spoken, God’s friends were there. When God saw them all gathered, God said, “I’ve been bored because I haven’t had anything to do. Let’s play something.”“Good idea,” said God’s friends. “What shall we play?” God thought for a minute and then said, “I know, let’s play hide-and-seek!” The friends all said, “Yay!” They knew that hide-and-seek with God was always exciting and different because God was the one who hid and God always thought of wonderful places to hide. God’s friends closed their eyes tight and counted to ten. When they opened their eyes, God wasn’t there anymore. So they all went off to look for God.

One friend decided to look close on the earth and soon came to a meadow. As he was searching, he stopped to admire the tender new sprouts of green grass pushing their way up toward the sun. As he bent over to look more closely at the tender green, he realized there was something special and amazing and wonderful about it. So he jumped up and ran back to home base, calling out, “I found God! God is green and growing. I found God in the grass!”

Another one of God’s friends decided to look for God in the night. She watched the sun go down, and heard the work-a-day noises stop, and saw the lights in the houses go out. As it got darker and the peaceful night wrapped itself around her, she listened very hard, and then she realized there was something special and amazing and wonderful about it. And when it was so still that she could see and hear nothing at all, she suddenly jumped up and ran to home base, calling out, “I found God! God is dark and peaceful. I found God in the night!”

A third friend looked on the earth and felt the mystery of the grass growing toward the sun. He stayed and watched the night come on, and he felt the mystery of the darkness and the stars. He thought to himself, “These mysteries are special and amazing and wonderful.” But when he finally came back to home base, he said, “I found wonderful mysteries but I’m not sure if I want to call them God.”

A fourth friend decided to look for God where people were. He joined a group of people going home from work and went with them into the store where they bought food. He went with them back out on the street as they started for their homes. He was with them when someone came up and said, “Please, I’m very hungry. Could you share a little food with me?” The people readily agreed and as he watched them share, he realized there was something special and amazing and wonderful about those people. He turned around and ran to home base, calling out, “I found God! God is love and sharing. I found God in people who care for others!”

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