Every person is the boss of their own body! This lively guide—another engaging and essential resource from the creators of Welcome to Your Period!—digs deep into all aspects of consent.

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Published Date: 03/28/2023
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Understanding consent is important for people with all kinds of bodies, in all kinds of circumstances—from getting a haircut or letting the doctor check your blood pressure to hugging a friend, picking up a child, or kissing someone. After all, consent isn’t always communicated with a clear “Yes, you can!” or “No, you can’t!” This guide breaks down myriad situations involving consent and bodily autonomy, including navigating new or changing feelings, recognizing power imbalances, staying safe in online spaces, and keeping relationships mutually comfortable. Through relatable illustrations, clear explanations, and real-life examples, readers will learn how to actively listen and observe, set boundaries, and speak up for themselves and others. Experts Yumi Stynes and Dr. Melissa Kang approach this crucial topic with passion, awareness, and empathy.

For Ages 10-14

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The Golden Rules of Consent
What’s Awesome About Consent?
Why Is It Hard To Talk About Consent?
What Does Yes Look Like?
What Does No Look Like?
Why Is It Sometimes Hard To Say No?
Consent Mantra: You Asked, I Answered
What If I Don’t Know What I Want?
Can I Change My Mind?
Puberty Changes Everything
If I’m The Boss Of My Body, Why Do People Keep Telling Me What To Do With It?
Puberty, Bodily Autonomy, And Touch
Unequal Treatment
Different Cultures, Different Meanings
How To Set Your Boundaries
Explain Yourself, Or Don’t!
Self-Awareness = Feeling + Thinking Before Acting
What It Means To Feel Safe
Privacy Settings
How Power Dynamics Affect Consent
Consent Challenges And Your Friends
Consent Challenges And Adults

For When You Are Ready

From Crushes To Kisses
Feeling Horny
The Right To Expect Pleasure
Consent In Relationships
Hookups: Respect In The Moment
Consent Challenges
Calling Out The Adults
Fight, Flight, Freeze, Appease
When Things Don’t Feel Right
If You Need Help
Finding Your People
Expand Your Vocabulary
More Resources

This handbook provides opportunities to build confidence and bolster personal autonomy. . . thorough and empowering. . . An informative and comprehensive guide to giving and getting consent. —Kirkus Reviews

Written with humor and loaded with examples drawn from real-life situations, readers will learn how to make observations and interpret signals from other people and develop the confidence to speak up when it’s necessary. . . . Easy to read, this book is packed with good information and examples from real people. Health classes would benefit from this book, as well as counselor-led small group sessions. —School Library Connection

Upbeat text, cheerful illustrations, and entertaining graphics convey body-affirmative messages, reminding young adults that they are the bosses of their own bodies, and they get to determine physical, social, and emotional boundaries of touching, hearing, seeing, and being seen. . . . an approachable and accessible guide for teens. —Booklist

A fierce, funny, celebratory and extremely supportive young people’s guide to saying no, saying yes and being ‘the boss of your body.’ . . . the authors make clear from the get-go that there’s a lot more nuance and complexity to consent than meets the eye. . . Lucky is the young person who consents to read this book. . . . This absolutely necessary guide to consent explores with candor and humor the nuances of verbal and body language in navigating all kinds of relationships and situations. —Shelf Awareness

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