The #MeToo movement has changed the way many people view the world, but how well do tweens understand it? Middle-grade readers are ready to learn about consent, harassment, and abuse, as well as healthy boundaries in all their relationships.

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The #MeToo movement has changed the way many people view the world, but how well do tweens understand it? Middle-grade readers are ready to learn about consent, harassment, and abuse, as well as healthy boundaries in all their relationships.

#MeToo and You includes essential terminology, from consent to assault, from just plain yes to just plain no. Author Halley Bondy explores the nuances of emotions, comfort, and discomfort in sexually charged and emotionally abusive situations. Detailed scenarios, both real and hypothetical, provide valuable examples of what’s acceptable and what is not, along with tools to help everyone treat others appropriately and to stand up for themselves and their peers.

Grades 6 to 12

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Adding to a growing list of books on the topic of consent is this guide for middle-grade and teen readers. Using a conversational tone, the opening chapter provides a broad overview of healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent, power dynamics, and boundaries, but it does not contain any explicit descriptions, allowing readers to stop here or continue based on their comfort levels. The second chapter builds on these basics with explicit definitions of such terms as predator, sexualassault, rape, grooming, and trauma. The third chapter addresses and debunks myths related to sexual abuse, such as 'It's my fault if it happens to me.' Successive chapters work together to offer tips on asking for help, being an ally, and taking action against sexual abuse. Throughout each chapter, Bondy presents real and fictional stories that expand concepts, and she makes sure to include LGBTQ+ victims in her discussions. Bondy remains hopeful yet realistic, acknowledging that not all abuse yields justice, and she concludes with an extensive list of support resources." - Booklist

"Tweens and young teens learn about healthy relationships, consent, boundaries, red flags, and more in this thorough, age-appropriate book on breaking the silence around sexual abuse and harassment. Chapters cover power dynamics, definitions, myths, asking for help, being an ally, and taking action to raise awareness. The text, which is inclusive of all sexualities and genders, describes how to recognize abusive behaviors and how to avoid committing them. It also examines why people may have difficulty asking for help and why some may not pursue support. Subsequent chapters break down how to seek out help, what to expect and what you may be asked, how court proceedings may work, restraining orders, counseling, why some adults don't offer support, and the consequences of failed justice. Sidebars of scenarios, both real and fictitious, and stories from people who experienced abuse are incorporated throughout. The discussion of relationships and consent isn't limited to a romantic context. Examples range from not sexual or violent to extremely graphic and deeply unsettling. In 'Kaye's Story,' featured in chapter two, readers are warned that the story is not only 'true' but 'very disturbing.' The color illustrations of generic posed mannequins (like wooden artist's models) detract from the personal tone and approach. This dense, intense read never sugarcoats any of the information. Repeated content warnings remind readers to only read what they can handle. Resources such as hotlines and nonprofits are listed throughout; many more are detailed in the back matter. A recommended resource to jump-start difficult conversations."- School Library Journal

“After an introduction that provides the history of the #MeToo movement, the first chapter covers the basics of relationships, power, consent, and boundaries. It is a good starting point for readers who are unsure if they are ready for the explicit content contained in subsequent chapters; each chapter with difficult material opens with a warning about potential triggers. Chapter 2 provides definitions and examples of sexual abuse and harassment; a minor quibble is that the information is not presented in alphabetical or any other discernible order. Chapter 3 explores myths about sexual abuse. Chapter 4 focuses on how to ask for help, noting that it is not easy nor is justice always served. In Chapter 5, allies learn how to help individuals while Chapter 6 offers ideas for advocacy. The book includes stories that bring the topics to life; each is clearly marked as being fiction, based on an actual story, or true. The tone of the book is serious, empowering, and reassuring, with accessible, easy-to-read prose. The colorful design that includes non–gender specific illustrations featuring artists' mannequins adds visual appeal to a somber subject. Bondy is gender-inclusive in her language and information.Real talk about sexual abuse and harassment that neither sugarcoats nor catastrophizes.” - Kirkus Reviews

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