The most complete introduction to Unitarian Universalism available, covering ministry, worship, religious education, social justice, community, and history. This revised edition prepares readers for this crucial moment in Unitarian Universalism.

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The most complete introduction to Unitarian Universalism available, covering ministry, worship, religious education, social justice, community, and history. Extensively revised, the sixth edition prepares readers with resources and information for this crucial moment in Unitarian Universalism. It also gives voice to many individual Unitarian Universalists—people of all ages, coming from many backgrounds, and holding many beliefs—as they share their personal and deeply heartfelt testimonies. Contributors include Rosemary Bray McNatt, Erika Hewitt, Cheryl Walker, Jessica York, Elizabeth Nguyen, Aisha Hauser, Dan McKanan, and more. Foreword by lifelong Unitarian Universalist Melissa Harris-Perry, writer, professor, political commentator, and editor-at-large at

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Foreword, Melissa Harris-Perry
Preface, Susan Frederick-Gray
Unitarian Universalist Principles
Sources of Our Faith

Our Faith, Rosemary Bray McNatt

Bringing My Whole Self, Takiyah Amin

Saving Our Lives, Roberta Finkelstein

A Search for Truth and Meaning, Aneesa Shaikh

The Playground Atheist Gets Saved, Jake Morrill

Not the Last to Need Saving, Megan Dowdell

Our Worship, Erika Hewitt

A Worship Associate’s Testimony, Karen Valbuena

Our Ministry, Cheryl Walker

A Minister’s Testimony, Nic Cable

Our Religious Education, Jessica York

A Religious Educator’s Testimony, Joy Berry

Our Work for Social Justice, Elizabeth Nguyen

Activists’ Testimony, Susan and Mac Goekler

Our Justice Communities, Aisha Hauser

A Lay Leader’s Testimony, Karla Baehr

Our Roots, Dan McKanan

Spirit of Life, Carolyn McDade
Come, Come, Whoever You Are, Jalalaluddin Rumi and Lynn Adair Ungar
Gathered Here, Philip A. Porter
Meditation on Breathing, Sarah Dan Jones
Blue Boat Home, Peter Mayer


These are defining times. The challenges before us, as individuals and as members of local, national, and global communities, are quite literally matters of life and death—especially for black and brown people, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQ folx, people with disabilities, and those deprived of the material resources needed to survive and thrive. Powerful social forces imperil our sense of hope and threaten the bonds of interdependence that bind us all. At its best, Unitarian Universalism teaches us that the humanity of every single person is threatened when the dehumanization of any human being goes unchallenged.

This is no time for a casual faith or a casual commitment to the values that matter most to you. This is also no time to be alone. Right now, we need nurturing communities that remind us of our connections and responsibilities to one another as a human family. As Unitarian Universalists, we are learning how we better support one another, protect each other and our neighbors, inspire and remind each other of the power of community, practice joy and love, and teach these to our children and next generations.

—Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

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