A dynamic collection of personal stories from people whose lives have been dramatically changed by Unitarian Universalism.

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Published Date: 10/11/2017
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The September 2018 Justice and Spirit: Unitarian Universalist Book Club selection.

A dynamic collection of personal stories from people whose lives have been dramatically changed by Unitarian Universalism. Some have returned from the brink of despair, others have found renewed purpose and discovered the saving power of community. Together these vignettes paint a portrait of the real, felt impact of Unitarian Universalism. Readers can find a new appreciation for the ways Unitarian Universalism makes a tangible difference in the lives of real people who are struggling.

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Meg Riley

Saving Our Lives
Roberta Finkelstein

Love Without Conditions
Lauren Hulse

Heart’s Opening
Scott Sammler-Michael

A Search for Truth and Meaning
Aneesa Shaikh

The Playground Atheist Gets Saved
Jake Morrill

Not the Last to Need Saving
Megan Dowdell

Sharing Our Faith
William G. Sinkford

Home at Last
John Sanger

Life-Altering Grace
Manish Mishra-Marzetti

Three Ways Unitarian Universalism Has Helped with My Depression
Kenny Wiley

Back from Despair
Ted R. Ogg

The Unitarian Universalists Believed in My Inherent Worth and Dignity
Mike Smith

Ministry with Integrity
Cynthia A. Snavely

My Eureka Moment
Tamara Angelique (AKA Thomas E. Flick)

I Am a Lotus Flower
Devi Pierce

My Friend, the Unitarian Universalist
Phillip Cory Moore

Coming Home
Kathleen Montgomery

Borderline Child of God
Kelly Murphy Mason

Carl Scovel Saved My Life
Roger Butts

Emptying My Shoe
Suzi Chase

I Am Not Alone
Devalois LeBrón

Better Later Than Never
Sharon Peddy Baker

The Ultimate Fighting Church
David McBreen

Unitarian Universalism Helped Me Find My Awesome
Melanie Christiansen

A Perfect Match
Bruce Robinson

A Spiritual Journey
Kathy White

The Spiritual Sense I Needed
Jack W. Rogers

Why I Am a Unitarian Universalist
Leslie T. Grover

My Awakening
Karen J. McFarland

The Mountain
Eric Bliss

A Journey of Faith for Out Lesbians in the Deep South
Nan L. White

Most of All, Mindfulness
Israel Luis Sanchez

Finding My People and Myself
Marie Luna

Saved by the Light
W. Garrett Jackson

A Gift to Me
Aisha Hauser

Receiving and Giving
James Rogers

I Only Have to Be Myself
Mark T. Vogt

A Message of Peace and Hope
Eddee Daniel

What Church Says That?!
Donald Ernest Allee

Notes in the Margins
James C. Key

From the Cellblock to Seminary
Eli Poore

Together We Know Freedom
Nathan C. Walker

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