In the powerful follow up to her critically acclaimed debut collection, poet and activist Fariha Róisín is writing, praying, clawing, and scratching her way out of the grips of generational trauma on the search for the freedom her mother never received and the kindness she couldn’t give.

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Published Date: 10/17/2023
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This collection of poetry asks a kaleidoscope of questions: Who is my family? My father? How do I love a mother no longer here? Can I see myself? What does it mean to be Bangladeshi? What is a border? Innately hopeful and resolutely strong, Fariha's voice turns to the optimism and beauty inherent in rebuilding the self, and in turn, the world that the self moves through. Ubiquitous to the human experience, Survival Takes a Wild Imagination is an illuminating breath of fresh air from a powerful poetic voice.

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I. The beginning, the body, the wound
Human Life Is Turbulent
My Body Is an Archive
For Every Girl Who Has Had Her Throat Slit Open
Paradise, Girl. She’s Hard to Find
This Is for Everyone Who Had to Make a Family out of Themselves
On Dying
All Brown Men Could Be My Father
What Does It Mean to Shift a Vibration?
Amar Sonar Bangla
Memories Rewritten
Manoosh Ki Bolbe?

II. Liberation, pleasure, joy
As Sticky as Marmalade
On Getting Your Body Back
On Grief
Love Poem
Open-Hearted Lover
Time Moves Slow
A Pandemic Lamentation
Black Narcissus

III. Finding Earth, God
An Ode to Baby Fa
Blue Crystal Fire
An Ode to Three Sunsets
Deep Ecology
Connecting With The Earth Is the Antidote To Oppression
Fear, I Give You Back
Fuck the Police
What Is a Border?
To the New, New
From A to X
How to Hone Your Intuition
Wounds to Instincts
Under Orion
Survival Takes a Wild Imagination
Consequence of Hunger
An Incantation

About the Author

"“Survival is remembering yourself,” writes Fariha Róisín, and, “To quiet the sounds of/scarcity/I had to learn that/I was abundant.” I love these lines for their strength and sensitivity to the immense process of self-restoration that survival requires. These are poems that travel, titillate, testify, and teach. These are poems written by a poet insistent on building bridges from grief to love—it is through such movement, Róisín suggests, that we may chart a course towards a future in which survival gives more than it costs." - Tarfia Faizullah, author of Seam and Registers of Illuminated Villages

"Róisín's poems are more than poems. They are ladders out of lit fires. They are bodies in their gravity and sensuous movement. Survival Takes a Wild Imagination and it also takes other writers whose fierce reports from the distant shore of precious joy are a sign to keep swimming and striving towards words and worlds big enough to encompass the howls of both pleasure and" - Sophie Strand, author of The Flowering Wand and The Madonna Secret

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