Martina McGowan

Martina McGowan, MD is about effective engagements in life. A physician (gynecology), who has spent a lifetime engaging formidable opponents. She has been a survivor and activist fighting against social, racial, and sexual injustices, and a physician serving underserved women who have been survivors, as well as heroines in the war on women. Effectiveness means pushing through glass ceilings and the perceived limitations of others. Whether the conversation is about social and racial injustice, personal development, spiritual enlightenment, or her grandchildren's favorite books, she's about becoming involved wherever she finds herself. A writer, a potter, an artist, a leader at work, and within her community, Martina believes in the example of choosing, learning, doing, and improving as you go. She enjoys traveling, reading, and speaking as well as copious amounts of laughter with family and friends. She feels that the most valuable skill in life is learning to listen. Her debut poetry collection, “i am the rage,” is a poetic and poetic prose exploration of living inside injustice being released in February 2021 by SourceBooks Website-

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