This collection of inspirational readings from many cultures and times provides a felt sense of the six Sources of Unitarian Universalism.

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The living tradition we share draws from many sources. This collection of inspirational readings from many cultures and times provides a felt sense of the six Sources of Unitarian Universalism. Organized by Source, and introduced with thoughtful essays from the editor, these readings are ideal for use in worship or for personal reflection. From the Qur'an to Margaret Fuller, from Rumi to Rebecca Parker, this broad range of poetry and prose will help deepen our understanding and connection to our faith.

Below is an interview with the author recorded at Justice General Assembly in Phoenix, 2012.

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Second Source

Third Source

Fourth Source

Fifth Source

Sixth Source

(from the Introduction)

For over two hundred years Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists have been dancing with the Holy. At times, it seems as if our rational minds take the lead, moving us gracefully around the floor to the finely metered rhythms of a Bach gavotte. At other times, mystery and wonder lead the dance, where the steps are being revealed to us even as we dance them. Throughout history, we have moved to the rhythms of mystery and wonder, prophecy, wisdom, teachings from ancient and modern sources, and nature herself. These themes comprise the Sources from which we draw strength and support.

Think of the readings in this book as part of the musical score that undergirds Unitarian Universalism. This collection, I hope, represents the aspirations of the six Sources of Unitarian Universalism-the second half of the Purposes and Principles document.

Ours will always be a "living tradition," reflecting the ever-flowing stream of human thought and spirituality. The Sources outline the diversity of religious experience that forms the basis of Unitarian Universalist faith. Our tradition is held together by our profound respect and love for these teachings and inspirations. The Sources are the ideas and deeds that reflect human experience, but they also point to that which lies beyond human understanding. They remind us that first and foremost, Unitarian Universalism is a religion rooted in the experience of the holy. They serve as a guide in determining what is valid, deep, and meaningful about living.

I hope that the readings offered here will provide a refreshing insight into each of the Sources, and show why they are so vital to renewing this tradition from generation to generation…. I invite you to use these quotations as part of a…daily spiritual discipline. I hope the collection will also be valuable for anyone wishing to deepen their appreciation of the Sources through focused or occasional reading of the texts, either personally or in worship….

In the end, we cannot speak or write about the Sources without acknowledging the One Source that runs underneath them all-love. As our living tradition continues to unfold, opening us to new revelations of truth, love will guide us. And so we continue our dance with the Holy, our partner and Great Mystery, in our ongoing journey toward connection.

"This lovely gathering of selections both ancient and modern will be a useful tool in the crafting of worship, as well as a fruitful resource for personal devotional practice within a free faith. It offers wisdom drawn from teachers of many ages and traditions, including our Unitarian Universalism. The framing provided by the six Sources gives the collection a flexible and accessible structure, while one can also dip into it at random and find deep refreshment for the spirit on every page."

—Kendyl Gibbons, minister, First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

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by Marylyn Devlin
on 7/17/2018
from PA
sources of our faith
I went to a UU regional summer retreat in Oberlin, Ohio. my morning workshop was Art as Meditation. the teacher used this book to inspire us to make a collage each day for 5 of the principles. Now I want this book for my uu congregation in Murrysville, PA. I've been a member there for 16 years and never knew much about the 6 sources. the art class and the book gave me a gateway to the sources. I esp. liked the quotes.
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