Thought leader, racial justice educator, and sought-after spiritual activist Rachel Ricketts offers mindful and practical steps for all humans to dismantle white supremacy on a personal and collective level

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Heart-centered and spirit-based practices are the missing but vital piece to achieving racial justice.

Do Better is a revolutionary offering that addresses anti-racism from a comprehensive, intersectional, and spiritually-aligned perspective. This actionable guidebook illustrates how to engage in the heart-centered and mindfulness-based practices that racial justice educator and healer Rachel Ricketts has developed to fight white supremacy from the inside out, in our personal lives and communities alike. It is a loving and assertive call to do the deep - and often uncomfortable - inner work that precipitates much-needed external and global change.

Radical racial justice includes daily, intentional, and informed action. It demands addressing the emotional violence we have perpetuated on ourselves and others (most notably toward Black and Indigenous women and femmes), both as individuals and as a society. Do Better provides the missing pieces to manifest practicable, sustainable solutions such as identifying where we most get stuck, mitigating the harm we inflict on others, and mending our hearts from our most painful race and gender-based experiences, plus much more.

This inspirational and eye-opening handbook is filled with carefully curated soulcare activities for getting into our bodies and better withstanding the grief, rage, and conflicting emotions that naturally arise when we fight against injustice. Culturally informed, secular spiritual exercises, such as guided meditations, transformative breathwork, and journaling prompt unpack our privilege, and take up the ongoing fight against oppression, while transforming our own lives along the way.

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Introduction: My Love Includes Anger
A Note from Me to You

Part I:
Goin’ In For Da Win

One Me, Myself & I
Two Where We Get Stuck
Three White Supremacy Starts Within
Four White Supremacy Runs the World
Five Inheriting Mama Trauma
Six Getting Spiritually Activated
Seven Unearthing Our Internalized Oppression
Eight Spiritual Bypassing & Emotional Violence
Nine Spirituality, Anger & Activism
Ten Intersectional Spirituality

Part II:
Ring The Alarm

Eleven Impact over Intention
Twelve Magnifying “Microaggressions”
Thirteen Why White Women+ Need to Get Out the Way
Fourteen Acting in Allyship
Fifteen Better Befriending Black Women+
Sixteen What’s Love Got to Do with It?
Seventeen Pay Us What You Owe Us
Eighteen Becoming Unfuckwithable
Nineteen Rise Us

What Now?

“Meticulously researched, compassionate, and bold, this book should be read immediately and frequently returned to as a textual companion for the ongoing, reiterative work of antiracism.” - Library Journal, starred review

"Antiracism workshop leader and “secular spiritualist” Ricketts offers a primer on combating white supremacy in her accessible, urgent debut. She opens with an explanation of how pervasive racism is, how trauma can be inherited, and how oppression is internalized by marginalized people. Defining spirituality as “an ethereal concept... in direct opposition to the analytical, tangible, facts-based knowledge adored by white supremacy,” Ricketts argues spiritualism and social activism go hand-in-hand and notes that “to approach racial justice in a heart-centered and embodied way” requires an honest mindset that allows for righteous rage. Ricketts warns against adopting spiritual practices that focus on profit or rely on cultural appropriation, and prepares readers with a host of immediate actions they can do to combat racism, among them being attuned to microaggressions and considering impact rather than intention of one own’s actions. Rickett’s conversational tone and accessible activities will prove welcoming to anyone new to racial justice work." - Publishers Weekly

Do Better, like Rachel Ricketts, is a true gift to this earth. Rachel’s devotion, wisdom, and guidance towards collective liberation is truly powerful and unmatched. To know her work is to know integrity, growth and elevated consciousness. Do Better offers not just that, but a path forward where we can personally and collectively dismantle systems of oppression, and do so in a way that is rooted in divine love. Because of this book and Rachel's mentorship I truly can say that I push myself to do better.” - Maryam Ajayi, CEO and founder of Dive in Well

“This is the book we’ve been waiting for. Rachel provides us with a real, raw and relevant examination into the deep, spiritual and transformative work that we all need right now to heal from the dehumanizing structure of white supremacy. We know that white supremacy harms all of us and that the wounds go deep. Thus, we know that the work to heal from this must reach us far beyond the surface level. And that’s what Rachel is offering us here in this book - the deep, beyond the surface excavating, exploration and examination of the multiple places in which white supremacy harms us while offering us tools to fight against that harm and to heal. This is the book that will change lives, if you allow it. A must read and do!” - Monique Melton, anti-racism educator

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