Amy Tran

Amy is currently completing her training to become a psychologist in Ontario, Canada. She has received intensive training to provide therapy, as well as diagnose mental health disorders and Autism in children and adolescents. She has trained in community mental health centres, hospitals, and private practices across Ontario. She is also involved in research that examines how the use of smartphones and tablets by young children and parents may disrupt the healthy development of children. Amy is currently in the last year of her Ph.D program in Clinical Psychology. Before committing to becoming a psychologist, she studied Visual and Creative Arts. Her Instagram account @doodledwellness is where Amy's passion for mental health and art come together. She draws doodles on social media and creates workbooks to make mental health resources and information more accessible to everyone. Her doodles help raise awareness about mental illness, help you feel less alone, share helpful coping skills, and brighten your social media feed. She hopes to continue working with youth, integrate mindfulness into mental health treatment, and advocate for more accessible mental health treatment.

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