A collection of twenty essays by extraordinary Unitarian Universalists who illuminate their journey of empowerment and evolution.

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Voices of Change: The Women Ministers Who Revitalized a Tradition
"A thoughtful work about hopeful realism in the face of adversity. These twenty-first-century women helped transform our denomination into the multicultural, multiracial denomination that it is today." - The Rev. Addae A. Kraba, Minister Unitarian Universalists of New Braunfels

At Union Theological School in 1970, a professor stepped up to the podium and greeted his class of ministerial aspirants, "Good morning, Gentlemen." A voice called out, "And women!"

WomanSpirit is a collection of twenty essays by extraordinary Unitarian Universalists who illuminate their journey of empowerment and evolution. It's a tribute to their dream of a more inclusive, equitable future-and, in doing so, reshaped the very fabric of the denomination.

Through poignant reflection and vivid storytelling, this compelling anthology captures the struggles and triumphs that reshaped an entire denomination. It speaks of a shared journey of resilience, solidarity, and the power of collective action while celebrating the courage of brave women who dared to challenge the status quo, redefine possibilities, and transform their denomination from within.

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WomanSpirit: The Rise of Feminism and the Empowerment of Women in Liberal Religion draws on archival materials and personal accounts to introduce the complex intersections of gender, spirituality, and social change. This is an engaging look at a neglected area within Unitarian Universalist historiography and an important addition to the study of progressive feminist theology. The challenges and obstacles faced by women religious leaders in the second half of the twentieth century will inspire twenty-first century UUs with their courage, compassion, and resilience." - The Rev. Meg Richardson, Ph.D. (She/Her/Hers), Associate Dean of Faculty, Associate Professor of Unitarian Universalist History, Director, Certificate in Unitarian Universalist Studies, Starr King School for the Ministry

"The number of women serving as ministers in North American Unitarian Universalist congregations grew from less than 1% to almost 50% between 1970 and 1990. In this important book Denise Tracy and Emmy Lou Belcher tell how this change came to be. Through the words of the women and men whose love of this religious tradition, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to a larger vision ushered in a new age. This is a 'Must Read' book for those interested in the story of modern Unitarian Universalism." - The Rev. Charlotte Cowtan, retired UU Minister, Winnipeg, Canada

"This is a remarkable collection! Most importantly, the very clear struggles that women experienced, the "you don't look like a minister" stuff, the groping by men at conferences, all of the roadblocks, institutionally and culturally, are unknown to most newer UU's who think that everything was fine after a few women were ordained in the 19th century. We tell our history by those few notable ministries but do not speak of the transformative ministries within human memory for many, and the struggles they faced and pushed through." - The Rev. Marco Belletini, Minister Emeritus First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, OH

"Ordained in 1976 and fellowshipped with the UUA in 1980. My journey and work as a UU: minister, white, southern, straight male has occurred with every increasingly diverse colleague. Women were the first. I learned from them. They were great models, and a few were otherwise. I've developed friendships, deep respect, and gratitude. I'm a better person and minister because of their blessings. This work is a welcome and insightful record of a vital part of our legacy. - The Rev. Doak Mansfield currently serves in both Newton, NJ, and Woodbury, CT. He is the author of Kin-ship Spirituality and The Kindom Option.

"One of the most significant contributions to the study of Unitarian Universalism, WomanSpirit traces the impact of second-wave feminism on the development of women's leadership and ministry in Unitarian Universalism. From the Women and Religion Resolution in 1977 to the Grailville conferences and the Principle and Purposes, this study examines a crucial part of UU history that, until now, has often been overlooked. An important volume that includes poignant, painful, and powerful voices of women who lived and led during these tumultuous years as they transformed Unitarian Universalism." - Dr. Nicole C. Kirk, the Frank and Alice Southworth Schulman Chair of Unitarian Universalist History, Meadville Lombard Theological School

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