Introduces young people to the value of dark skies
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ISBN: 9780940672901
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Publisher: Shearer Publishing
Pages: 24
Published Date: 12/14/2020
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On a dark night, a child finds himself alone and lost in a forest. Any child would be frightened in this situation, and this child has an especially deep fear of the dark. Luckily, he meets a wise owl who teaches him about many of the plants and animals who love and need the dark, and before the night is over, the child loves the dark also!

The intent of this little book is to introduce young people to the value of dark skies with the hope that as they progress into adulthood, they will be more inclined to support actions that preserve dark skies for the next generation. We also hope that children will learn from owl and bat to embrace, not fear, Nature’s gift of the dark and to become better stewards of the Earth in general.

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"Astronomy, the planets, the Milky Way, and the cosmos are all mesmerizing to those who gaze into the dark void with a sense of wonder. Astronomy is both fascinating and the mother of all sciences. For this inspiring science to endure, the dark night sky must be preserved. To not fear the dark, and to embrace the celestial virtues it presents to us, is an important legacy to pass to young people everywhere. The book Who Loves the Dark? is an important tool for promoting the concept that the dark night sky is our friend." - Robert Reeves, author, lecturer, celestial photographer

"Who Loves the Dark? is an enchanting introduction to the wonders of our night skies and the role darkness plays for all living organisms. We fear what we do not understand. Be the owl and guide your child through nature exploration and understanding." - Becky Etzler, Executive Director, Riverside Nature Center

"Nearly everyone begins life afraid of the dark because it represents the ultimate unknown. By making its marvels familiar, Who Loves the Dark? celebrates the night and can help children replace their anxiety over darkness with wonder and joy for all it contains." - Dr. John Barentine, Director of Public Policy at the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), author, lecturer, and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society

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