Keith Kron's real-life stories have ministered to many - including him. They may also minister to you.
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Published Date: 07/09/2021
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"You should write a book!" For years people have been saying this to Keith Kron in response to his social media posts about encounters in airports, on the commuter train, in check-out lines, in restaurants. His posts let his aging parents know he was doing fine and expanded their world a bit.Then he realized his posts were also a running conversation with his friend Cynthia, who lived far away. Suddenly Cynthia died. And then, little by little, by returning to his story-telling practice on social media, he learned how to laugh again, to be present to others again, and to be present again to himself.

This book is a collection of moments when we too are invited to be present to the life in front of us. By being present, we too might better honor what has gone before and open ourselves to what lies ahead.

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Part One More Human than Otherwise
Part Two When They Find Out You Are a Minister
Part Three What Were They Thinking?
Part Four When Children Are Present
Part Five Wondering, Remembering, Grieving, Praying
Part Six What Really Matters

About the Author
"I loved What Really Matters. This book reminds us that we live life moment to moment and day by day. Keith Kron also reminds us that grace can be discovered in the midst of the real lives we live. The reminder is grace too." - Rev. Bill Sinkford, Former President, Unitarian Universalist Association
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