The 2004 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series was previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

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Published Date: 05/17/2004
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As the author warns, “this is not your mother’s meditation manual!” Author Patrick Murfin has many voices, ranging from the gentle reflective poet to the fierce social activist. This unique collection represents a wide variety of tones, including transcendent observations of nature and clarion calls to justice. Seasoned with stark images of war and good-natured jibes at liberal religious posturing, Murfin’s poetry is infused with the same passion that has driven his lifetime of social activism.

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We Build Temples in the Heart

Suddenly the Stars

Mourning Dove Day Elegy

Merlin Said


The Caboose


What Unitarian Universalists Should Give Up for Lent, if They Observed It, Which They Don’t, Most of Them

The Janitor’s Epiphany

Lilacs Again

Counting God

In the Century of Death


Memorial Day

The Ugly Bug

One Hot Day in August

Justice, Equity and Compassion

Some Tend the Tree of Life

The Moon

Leaving Sandstone, August 1973

We Gather as Leaders



The Dead of 9/11 Leave a Message

Here’s to You, Ralph Waldo

Come to Me, Sweet Jesus

Ordination in Autumn

Pictures, Poppies, Stars and Generations

Mid-November Dawn


The Second Coming

Aids Advent Sunday

An Honor to Be Alive

Miracle of Light

Let Us Be That Stable


About the Author

We have seen the tumbled temples

half-buried in the sands,

choked with verdant tangles,

sunk in corralled seas--

old truths toppled and forgotten.

We have even seen the wattled huts,

the sweat lodge hogans,

the wheeled yurts,

and the Ice Age caverns

where unwritten worship

raised its knowing voices.

But here we build temples in our hearts.

Side by side we gather.

—from “We Build Temples in the Heart”

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