The 2003 inSpirit title. The inSpirit Series as previously known as the Meditation Manual Series.

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Published Date: 05/08/2003
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One of the most beloved of the inSpirit series, Walking Toward Morning captures the human spirit in finely-crafted prose. Victoria Safford's insightful commentary and observation will bring thought, illumination, and joy into your life.

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Call to Worship

Walking Toward Morning

Solid Ground

God Is What Knows How to Grow

The Wind Is Bearing Me Across the Sky


At One

Turquoise Patriot

Any Other Questions?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Stung by Bees

The Gold Stars and the Bittersweet

Table Blessing

Subversive Suburban Soul

Trees, for Starters

Open Eyes

In Between

Immortal, Invisible

Set in Stone

Now Is the Moment of Magic

In the Struggle, Singing, Shining

Why Do You Come, John?

Women Walking in Loud Shoes



If I Were Asked

Desert Spring

Did the Sun Come Up This Morning?


Map of the Journey in Progress

Credo for Now

"In a cemetery once, an old one in New England, I found a strangely soothing epitaph. The name of the deceased and her dates had been scoured away by wind and rain, but there was a carving of a tree with roots and branches (a classic nineteenth-century motif) and among them the words, “She attended well and faithfully to a few worthy things.” At first this seemed to me a little meager, a little stingy on the part of her survivors, but I wrote it down and have thought about it since, and now I can’t imagine a more proud or satisfying legacy. Every day I stand in danger of being struck by lightning and having the obituary in the local paper say, for all the world to see, “She attended frantically and ineffectually to a great many unimportant, meaningless details.”

How do you want your obituary to read?

—from Set in Stone

“Walking Toward Morning affirms my sense of being present to life. Victoria Safford writes with great joy and attentiveness. These meditations are simply wonderful. I will return to them again and again.”

—Rev. Keith Kron

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