“You don’t have to be a prisoner to other people’s beliefs about God, Jesus, heaven or hell - you can be free. You don’t have to be conflicted about your faith and how you live your life – you can go deeper with integrity. You don’t have to feel separated from the Universal Love of God - you can open your heart to it so that you and everyone around you are blessed.”
- Rev. Carlton E. Smith, from the Introduction to Try My Jesus

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ISBN: 9798985827903
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Publisher: YAG Publishing
Pages: 372
Published Date: 06/03/2022
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What does it mean to love and to know God?
And who among us is worthy of that love?
These are the questions posed and addressed in this groundbreaking collection of daily reflections.

In these pages, Rev. Smith takes us on a journey to rediscover self-acceptance, wholeness, inclusivity, and divine love through the words of Jesus, and invites us to meet the Jesus he knows - the one who embodies unconditional love and shows us how to save ourselves and minister to each other.

Be prepared to have your assumptions challenged, your heart opened, and your relationship with God and Jesus renewed.

Learn more at trymyjesus.com

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“Rev. Smith’s powerful reflections draw us into his encounter with Jesus and gently encourage us to try a Jesus who is deeply personal and profoundly compassionate, pointing the way to internal and external expressions of divine love.” - Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery, Author of Dismantling Racism: Healing Separation from the Inside Out

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