Psychologist Dr. Meg Arroll offers a much-needed framework for recognizing and combatting the devastating cumulative effects of small everyday wounds—“tiny traumas”—that, like major traumas, can negatively shape our lives.

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Published Date: 01/09/2024
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Have you ever felt at a loss for an answer when asked: ‘How are you really feeling?” Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something is definitely off. Microaggressions, challenging family relationships, toxic positivity, work and pandemic stress, gaslighting—these are just a few examples of what psychologist Dr. Meg Arroll calls “Tiny T” trauma. These tiny traumas can slowly build up inside of us, and if ignored for too long, can manifest in our lives as high-functioning anxiety, perfectionism, binge eating, insomnia, broken relationships, and a host of other problems. While advice on healing from major trauma is plentiful, there is little guidance available to help us recover from these “smaller” yet emotionally devastating traumas that are common to all of us. Now, Dr. Meg fills that gap and helps us find peace with this revolutionary guide.

InTiny Traumas, Dr. Meg introduces her three-step AAA approach that allows us to start understanding and healing from these tiny traumas:

Awareness: discover your unique constellation of tiny traumas Acceptance: see how these tiny traumas show up in your life and start processing them Action: start taking the steps to actively create the life you desire

Tiny Traumas teaches readers how to recognize and address past experiences so we can overcome the lasting pain and detrimental effects and truly start living the happier, more peaceful lives we deserve.

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1. Tiny T Trauma and Why It Matters
2. The Happily Never After…
3. Comfortably Numb
4. Born to Be Stressed
5. The Perfectionism Paradox
6. Human Seemings, Not Human Beings
7. Eat Your Heart Out
8. What’s Love Got to Do with It?
9. To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
10. Transitions, Transitions, Transitions
11. Jumping, Not Staring, into the Abyss: Your Tiny T Prescription for Life


'A compassionate guide... Psychologist Meg Arroll’s argument gives welcome due to the subtler pain points of modern life. This will resonate with those who feel caught in an ‘undercurrent of constant melancholy’ and can’t quite put their finger on why.” — Publishers Weekly

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