These eighty-seven elegant essays reflect on aging, using wise and inspiring quotations from many cultures and religious traditions.
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No matter where you are on the path, growing older is a journey we all share. These eighty-seven elegant essays reflect on aging, using wise and inspiring quotations from many cultures and religious traditions. They help you tap into your own resources, lightening your spirit and the spirits of those around you. Throughout, they provide guidance and encouragement, covering life changes, dealing with fear, retaining dignity and passion, and living a life of meaning. Whether you are early in your journey or well along the way, The Seasoned Soul will help you face the joys and challenges of aging with insight and grace, lift your heart, and grow your spirit.

You can hear an interview with the author on the Skinner House Sound Bites page.

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With a Beginner’s Mind

Becoming Miz Kate

A Guide for the Journey

Tend Your Vineyard

Forever True

The Tribe

Gracious Living


Crossing the River

Giving Up the Stick

Stop the World?

Bring Your Waders

Sweeter Than Wine

We Would Be One


Let’s Shake on It

Either/Or Wave


No Supermen Need Apply


Finding Ourselves in Low Places

If Two Are Good

The Myth of the Bad Day

Idle Worship

Troubled Waters

It Doesn’t Take Much

All Lives Flow On

Gather the Spirit

Opening into Silence

Wizard School


Lessons from Love

What Songs We Sing

Who Knows You

We’re Rich!

Initiate of Time

Inside Outside

The Life in What Is

Sculpting a Life

The Open Ear

Letting Be

A Second Life

We Are All Pioneers Here

Life Is But a Dream

Flashes of Fire


On This Dust Mote

Falling in Love

Slave No More

What’s New?

Out of Eden

The Confidence Game

Besotted with Love

Forest Bathing

An Unwrinkled Heart

The Quilt of Day

A Home for Grief

Being in Awe

Living Streams

Taking Stock

We Rest

Gotta Stand Up Before You Lie Down

Reclaiming Rest

Iron Wheels



Civilization and Generation

Crazy in Love

Betting on Futures

An Altered State

Talk to the Wall

So High, So Wide, So Deep


Leaving Home


Universal Laws

Sweet Slumber

Even After, Ever After

Taking a Plunge

Milk and Honey

Belly Laughs

Love Is All We Need


You Don’t Need to Know


Pause, Traveler

What Waits for You

Dear Reader,

The comedian George Carlin joked that only children get excited about growing older. Once we're adults, we seem to forget our wonder at the changes and new skills that aging can bring. This loss of our sense of awe and expectation-as well as the daily challenges of growing older-can weigh heavily on our spirits.

I wrote this book because I felt an increasing need for a manual to help rekindle my own sense of wonder and the possibility of some kind of achievement. I began by gathering wisdom, much of it from elders. And I looked for inspiration from many cultures and religious traditions, since growing older is a journey we all share. The reflections that came out of this process will, I hope, help to lift your heart and grow your spirit. They include universal themes, such as how to love, bear pain, grieve, deepen relationships and create new ones, retain dignity and passion, serve others, change, and deal with fear. These are some of the challenges we all face as we grow older; the good news is that we have more experience, compassion, and understanding to bring to them. The reflections in this book are designed to help you tap into your resources, lightening your spirits as well as the spirits of those around you. They may be read in any order, for reflection, journaling, a lectio divina spiritual practice, or sharing with a loved one. They can also be used in group settings. For example, they can serve as a basis for small group discussions, or enhance a workshop on ageing and sageing.

Sound and healthy spirits help us live with greater joy, intention, and appreciation. I hope this book kindles a flame that lights your spirit's journey.


Eliza Blanchard

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