A practical book for congregations interested in bringing clarity and focus to their ministry
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Published Date: 10/10/2018
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The Nested Bowls defines and reframes the purpose of values, mission, and ends in congregational life, and provides an engaging, meaningful process for the entire congregation to inform the board’s articulation of these foundational policies.

Distilling ten years of Unity Consulting’s experience in this work, The Nested Bowls offers both road map and inspiration for finding the core of your congregation’s purpose and the difference it makes in people’s lives.

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Chapter One
Awaken Compassion. Transform Lives. Bless the World

Chapter Two
Theological Roots
Board Reflection: Question on Freedom
Board Reflection: Question on Covenant
Board Reflection: Question on Justice
Criticism and Hope
Board Reflection: Question on Criticism and Hope

Chapter Three
The Purpose of Congregational Governance
Board Exercise 1: What’s the Purpose of Governance?

Chapter Four
Whose Are We?
Board Exercise 2: Whose Are we? Part I
Trustees’ Sense of Accountability
Board Exercise 3: Whose Are We? Part II
Defining Your Sources of Authority and Accountability

Chapter Five
What Belongs in Our Nested Bowls of Values, Mission and Ends?
Board Exercise 4: Current Definition of Values, Mission Ends Values
Board Exercise 5: The Experience of the Holy Mission
At What Cost or Priority?

Chapter six
Earning the Authority to Articulate the Nested Bowls
Board Trustees 6: What’s the Powerful Question?
Skills Trustees Need for Linkage Work
The Minister’s Role in Filling the Nested Bowls

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