Join the call of a just kitchen: where meal preparation is as much an act of resistance against injustice as marches and protests.

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For food and faith writers and podcasters Derrick Weston and Anna Woofenden, The Just Kitchen is about a passion for food, sharing meals, showing hospitality, and understanding cultures, faith traditions, food histories, and local foodways.

Their authentic podcast conversations spill over the pages of this book and explore how the kitchen can be a place where the things we care about most in the world are reflected in the foods we prepare and the way we prepare them. In a world where disconnection from the earth, our food, our faith, and each other is becoming the norm, Weston and Woofenden bring together voices of hope who are working for a world of organic reconnections. They invite us to dig deeply into the complexity of ecology and food systems, as well as how faith communities are connected to them.

This is an invitation to reprioritize the kitchen as a space for healing, community, activism, and celebration. Be inspired to see the sacred in the daily mundane, forge connection with the people and earth around you, and join the call of a just kitchen.

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Introduction: Reimagining Our Kitchens

Chapter 1: The Kitchen as a Keeper of Story and History
What Gives You Hopes? Justin Cox
Recipe: Dood’s Table Biscuits – A Pinched Method Justin Cox
Liturgy: Who Is and Was and Is to Come

Chapter 2: The Kitchen as a Place of Interaction
What Gives You Hope? Christopher Carter
Recipe: Red Beans and Rice Christopher Carter
Liturgy: Tracing Blessing

Chapter 3: The Kitchen as a Place of Preparation
What Gives You Hope?Kelly Nikondeha
Recipe: Chicken Adobo, Esteban de los Reyes Style Bruce Reyes-Chow
Liturgy: Before We Begin

Chapter 4: The Kitchen as a Place of Transformation
What Gives You Hope?Kendall Vanderslice
Recipe: Black Bean SoupJason Chesnut
Liturgy: Enough

Chapter 5: The Kitchen as a Place of Reflection
Recipe: Pomegranate SaladKelley Nikondeha
Liturgy: Attention

Chapter 6: The Kitchen as a Place of Healing
Recipe: Berengena Guisada (Stewed Eggplant)Isabel Ramirez-Burnett
Liturgy: Be Healed

Chapter 8: The Kitchen as a Place of Mutuality
What Gives You Hope? Nikki Cooley
Recipe: Lentil Soup and No-Knead BreadAlyssa Wilkinson
Liturgy: God’s Kitchen

Chapter 8: The Kitchen as a Place of Mutuality
What Gives You Hope? Hugh Hollowell
Recipe: Thai Dressing Lee Anderson
Liturgy: All Are Welcome Here

Chapter 9: The Kitchen as a Place of Celebration
Recipe: Collard GreensAnthony “Da Plug” Culbert
Liturgy: Celebrate

Chapter 10: The Kitchen as a Place of Hope
What Gives Me Hope? Anna Woofenden
What Gives Me Hope? Derrick Weston
Recipe: Mom’s Sweet Potato Pie Derrick Weston
Liturgy: For Compost


"Foodies of faith will find plenty to sink their teeth into." --Publishers Weekly

"The Just Kitchen is a heart-warming, soul-satisfying, and salivating meditation on the spiritual dimension of foodways. I'm grateful that Derrick Weston and Anna Woofenden have set a welcome table replete with hope and love." ----Adrian Miller, James Beard Award-winning author and executive director of the Colorado Council of Churches

"Like a carefully and lovingly prepared meal, Derrick Weston and Anna Woofendon have given a rich and generous gift in The Just Kitchen. With honesty, humility, and great generosity of spirit, Derrick and Anna echo a truth I learned from the keepers of the kitchen in my own family--there's more going on in the kitchen than we usually realize. Yes, it can be a complicated and difficult space, but it can also be a space of interaction, preparation, transformation, reflection, healing, community, mutuality, celebration, and hope. For anyone who has longed for a guide to a more meaningful relationship with the kitchen, Derrick and Anna graciously show the way--recipes included." ----Nathan Stucky, PhD, director of the Farminary Project

" is a mantra for the mind and body, creating a spiritual journey for us all." ----Alex Askew, chef, director of BCA Global, and author/editor of Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community

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