Dispatches from Arizona-the front line of a massive human migration-including the voices of migrants, Border Patrol, ranchers, activists, and others

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With a sweeping perspective and vivid on-the-ground reportage, Margaret Regan tells the stories of the escalating chaos along the U.S.-Mexico border. A varied cast of characters emerges as she rides shotgun with the Border Patrol, interviews deported Mexicans and angry Arizona ranchers, visits migrant shelters in Mexico, and camps out in the thorny wilderness with "No More Deaths" activists. Using Arizona as a microcosm, Regan explores a host of urgent issues: the border militarization that threatens the rights of U.S. citizens, the environmental damage wrought by the new border wall, the desperation that compels migrants to come north, and the human tragedy of the unidentified dead in Arizona's morgues.

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Prologue: The Death of Josseline
Introduction (Revised for the paperback edition)
1 Children of the Water
2 Strangers in Their Own Land 2
3 Crossroads al Norte
4 Desert Rescue
5 Aurora Morning
6 Ambos Nogales
7 Bones in the Rain
8 The Science of Death
9 The Last House before the Border
10 The Case of the Panda Express Eleven
Epilogue The Birth of Jesus

"A keen-eyed perspective of how questionable public policy has resulted in far too much preventable loss of life, The Death of Josseline is highly recommended."
-Midwest Book Review

"This should be required reading for everyone. . . . It gave me inspiration."
-Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street

"The many admirers of Enrique's Journey will find much to admire, and fear, in this powerful report."
-Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The Devil's Highway: A True Story

"A humane, sensitive, and informative perspective on a current and controversial topic . . . We all must pay attention."
-Ana Castillo, author of The Guardians

"In The Death of Josseline, Margaret Regan stands midpoint between immigration's push and pull . . . her clear and sympathetic eyes watching the south on its treacherous slog north."
-Tom Miller, author of The Panama Hat Trail

"There may be no better way to understand the muddle that is U.S. immigration policy than by reading these portraits of people who cross the border in hopes of a better life. . . . The Death of Josseline is an excellent way to understand-on a human level-the ebb and flow of human labor across political boundaries."
-Ted Robbins, Southwest Correspondent, National Public Radio

"The Death of Josseline is a border reality check. It tells searing stories of those who've died crossing the Sonora/Arizona desert, of young people sent to prison in Tucson for the crime of working, and of the courageous people of conscience who stand up for the rights of migrants. Read it, and see why our deadly immigration policies need to be changed."
-David Bacon, author of Illegal People

"Regan, a Tucson resident and journalist, writes with the ease of one who is well versed with its people and issues, but The Death of Josseline is not a 'just the facts' book that breaks down immigration policy. Reagan also gets down and dirty with some good old fashion journalism. Her chapters focus on one group or incident and weave them so that reader can better understand its layers and complexities. She talks with migrants about their own harrowing experiences crossing the border and with members of humanitarian groups who try to help them. She rides along with Border Patrol agents and interviews Arizona ranchers. She visits Caf? Justo, a Mexican coffee co-op that tries to sustain itself and its workers so they will stay in the country."

"The first step in solving a problem, my smart mother used to tell me, is confronting and defining it clearly. Regan's book is surely one of those first steps as we Americans begin the slow process of re-structuring an immigration bureaucracy run aground in good intentions and deadly consequences."
-The Huntsville Times

"Regan.has compiled a compelling chronicle of the flow of migrants from northern Mexico into the "Tucson Sector" of Arizona, distilling the many facets of this phenomenon into an enlightening account."

"Regan puts a human face on the multiple problems created by desperate, poverty-stricken people entering the United States illegally to look for work."
-Kirkus Reviews

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