In this vital and accessible survey, a prominent activist for racial justice answers questions from real children, giving them the tools and the confidence to shape a more just society.

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Published Date: 09/05/2023
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Using questions canvassed from children around the United Kingdom as her framework, writer, activist, engineer, and broadcaster Yassmin Abdel-Magied provides a clear overview of racism’s history, what it looks like today, and how to recognize, resist, and disrupt racist conversations and attitudes that can appear anywhere. This book is a practical guide for taking actionable steps, but it acknowledges that talking about racism invites complex feelings and offers tips and tactics for expressing those emotions safely, stepping back when needed, and prioritizing self-care. The book’s warm and assured tone, friendly illustrations, and supplementary charts, sidebars, infographics, and glossary offer an authentic way to open a dialogue with middle-grade readers, providing an eloquent call to nurture compassion and change, challenge inequality, and strive toward racial justice for all.

For Ages 8-12

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About This Book

How Did Racism Start
Chapter 1 – Is Racism Different in Every Country?
Chapter 2 – Is Racism Different in Every Country?
Chapter 3 – Why Does Racism Still Exist?
Chapter 4 – What Is The Difference Between My “Race” “Nationality” and “Ethnicity”?
Chapter 5 – Is Prejudice The Same As Racism?
Chapter 6 – What About Discrimination Toward Religious Groups?

Racism Today
Chapter 7 – How Does Racism Work?
Chapter 8 – What Does Racism Look Like Today?
Chapter 9 – Why Does Representation Matter?
Chapter 10 – What Is Stereotyping, And Why Is It Bad?
Chapter 11 – What Is Justice?

How To Stand Up And Speak Out
Chapter 12 – Why Should I Care About Racism When There Are So Many Other Things Going On?
Chapter 13 – How Do You Undo Stereotypes?
Chapter 14 – All The Really Bad Stuff Happened So Long Ago. I Didn’t Do It. Why Should I Care? It’s Not My Fault
Chapter 15 – Where Do I Start?
Chapter 16 – How Can I Address Internalized Racism?
Chapter 17 – Interpersonal: What Should I Do If I See Acts of Racism Happen In Front Of Me?
Chapter 18 – How Can I Encourage Others To Be Anti-Racist, Including My Parents Or Teachers?
Chapter 19 – What Should I Do If Someone Is Racist To Me?
Chapter 20 – My Friend Said I Was Racist To Them. But I Didn’t Mean To Be! How Can I Be Racist Id I Didn’t Mean It?
Chapter 21 – Why Does It Get Weird When You Point Out Something Is Racist?
Chapter 22 – I’m White But My Life Hasn’t Been Easy! How Come People Can Say Things To Me and It’s Not Considered Racist?
Chapter 23 – Can You Be Racist If You Are Not White?
Chapter 24 – I Don’t Have Anybody Who Is Different From Me In My School Or Town. What Can I Do To Fight Racism?
Chapter 25- What About Institutional Racism?
Chapter 26 – Why Is Racism So Hard To Stop?

How To Get Inspired

Clear and unflinching yet accessible to a young audience, speaking to them gently when the content gets sensitive, emphasizing the need to remain safe when intervening, and providing them with a number of constructive tools to apply to their own lives. . . . A straightforward yet encouraging discussion on the fight against racism with a uniquely global perspective. —School Library Journal (starred review)

Throughout the book, the author uses a comforting tone while acknowledging the weight of this subject matter. Frequent metaphors, such as climbing a mountain with a heavy backpack, help explain terms like equality, equity, and justice, with myriad infographics and visuals providing more context to this social justice resource. —Booklist

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