Begin your day with a meaningful, meditative spiritual practice.
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In Seeds of Devotion, Roger Butts delivers evocative and lyrical prose while sharing wisdom from some of the most powerful figures in spirituality today. Tidbits from Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and contemporaries like Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton are sprinkled in this devotional as he reflects on life’s deepest mysteries.

Written with an open heart and years of purposeful practice as a chaplain, Roger Butts offers immersive passages with Reflection questions allowing for further spiritual exploration at the end of each devotion.

This book invites you to ask bigger questions of yourself and your life while immersed in meditative silence. These prayers and reflections are meant to guide you to a place of peace and spirituality but also challenge you to delve further into your grace.

But most importantly, they are all designed to help you listen and connect with the deep wisdom of your heart.

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Table of Contents


A Deep Dive
New Name
Thank you, God for Everything
Carl Scovel Saved My Life
The Temple and the Bell
The Kitchen Table
Gladys Hitchings and the Blessing
What’s in Your Bible?
Do You Love ‘Em?
Buddha and Jesus and the Goddess Were Sitting Around Talking
God Say a Word
A Chaplain’s Reflection from the Frontline: COVID-19
The Death of the Buddha
A Deep Dive
For Ash Wednesday (or I’m alive, for now, so I think I’ll live)
Hey You, Peace Be With You
A Deep Dive
The Healing of Namaan
Spring of the Kingdom of God
Keep the Bible Weird
Hagar and the Blessing
Where is God in All of That?
Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Albert Franklin Fisher: Berlin and Birmingham in New York
Psalm 1: A Riff
Belief and Belonging
Thomas Merton’s Epiphany
Baby Suggs and the Blessing
A Deep Dive
The Mountain (Nesotaieux)
One Spring COVID Scene
But Mostly Life is Like This
The Face
Go Ahead Cast the First Stone
The Fugitive
James Baldwin: Release, Release, Release
One Day He Will Die
A Deep Dive
Annie Dillard’s Typewriter
First and Last
Francis and What Saves Us
Ring the Bell
A Deep Dive
Muhammad’s Night Journey
Fighting for So Long
Hold Ever So Gently the Beauty and Dignity of the Broken Heart in Front of You
The Parables Explained? Never!
God Is with Us. God Is with Us
Christ’s Table
All Will Be Well
Kenosis / Solidarity
The Messiah Among Us
The Light that will Guide You
Why Not Totally Turn to Fire?
Thomas Merton’s Last Prayer
Sing, Sing, Sing
A Deep Dive

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About the Author
"Yes, this a book you are holding. But it is also a conversation you are invited to enter. Along with you, Roger Butts has invited many voices, voices from the Bible and Sufi poets, from civil rights leaders and contemplatives, from Toni Morrison to Merton and Nouwen and some folks you've never met before. Roger is there as a capable facilitator of the encounters that ensue, but it is never about him. It is about the joy of discovery, of friendship, of beauty, and about waking up, once again, to the astounding realization that the One in whom we live and move and have our being is much larger than previously imagined. Don't read this book. Rather, enter it as if pulling up a chair at a table filled with people like and unlike you, all curious to see what will unfold." - Rev. Dr. Benjamin Broadbent, United Church of Christ minister
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