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Published Date: 03/06/2012
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This comprehensive collection of timeless and powerful stories puts the wisdom of world religions in the hands of young readers.

When attempting to find a simple, engaging, and unbiased approach to world religions for her own family, Marilyn McFarlane discovered such a book did not exist. Understanding how important it is for children to build both respect for and knowledge of a variety of religions, regardless of their own faith, McFarlane created Sacred Stories: Wisdom from World Religions.

Each captivating story and accompanying sidebar facts and spot illustrations brings to life the key tenets of a particular belief system, while the comprehensive glossary and resource list enable readers to expand their explorations. Including easy-to-understand descriptions and essential stories from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Native American, and Sacred Earth, Sacred Stories is perfect for parents and teachers who want to expand young readers’ understanding of world traditions.

Ages 9-14
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The Golden Rule
Part 1: Buddhism
1 The Birth of the Buddha
2 The Buddha and the Bodhi Tree
3 The Mustard Seed
4 The Enchanted Lake
5 The Golden Elephant

Part 2: Christianity
6 The Birth of Jesus
7 The Good Samaritan
8 Loaves and Fishes
9 Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
10 The Resurrection

Part 3
11 The Birth of Krishna
12 Shiva, Parvati, and the Elephant God Ganesh
13 Rama, Sita, and the Ten Thousand Monkeys
14 Devi and the Buffalo Demon

Part 4: Islam
16 Adam, Abraham, and the Sacred Stone
17 Muhammad, Messenger of God
18 A Boy of Courage
19 The Dog at the Well
20 The Miraculous Night Ride

Part 5 Judaism
21 Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
2 The Great Flood
23 Moses in the Bulrushes
24 David and Goliath
25 Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
Part 6: Native American
26 Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun
27 How Coyote Got His Name
28 Buffalo Woman’s Gifts
29 Turtle Island
30 Raven and Fog Woman

Part 7: Sacred Earth
21 Gaia Creates Herself
32 The Wheel of the Year
33 Mella and the Python Healer
34 Inanna in the Underworld
25 Demeter and Persephone

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