Nurture your best self throughout the year with this enchanted guide to living in alignment with nature's cycles from a Sunday Times bestselling author.

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Before clocks, seasons were the original calendar that cultures would use to survive and thrive! The essential magic of the natural world is available to us all, if we are open to living back in alignment with nature's flow. And experiencing this meaningful shift doesn’t require a huge life overhaul—simple little daily changes and rituals honoring the turn of the seasons will make a huge difference in how we lead our lives. In Sacred Seasons bestselling author and moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher teaches us to embrace these moments of pause and ritual with nature. From solstices and equinoxes to festivals (Litha, Samhain, Imbolc) and the signature energies of each season, readers will learn to tap into the rhythms of the world to unlock the best within themselves.

Organized by season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), the chapters in this beautiful book offer opportunities for us to check in, catch up with ourselves, review our lives, make any necessary nature-inspired changes, and move forward into a new season with renewed clarity, direction, inspiration, purpose, and motivation. Living in alignment with nature in this way ensures that we are constantly evolving, renewing, releasing and growing, just like nature does.

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Part I: The Background
Chapter 1: How to Work with the Seasons
Chapter 2: Getting to Know the Seasons and the Wheel of the Year
Chapter 3: The Moon Through the Seasons
Chapter 4: Connecting Back to Nature
Chapter 5: The Wisdom of Nature
Your Nature Wisdom

Part II: The Practices
Chapter 6: Start-of-spring Season – the Sacred Season for Awakening 21 March – 19 April
Chapter 7: Mid-spring Season – the Sacred Season for Living in Expectation 20 April – 20 May
Chapter 8: End-ofSpring Season – the Sacred Season for Change and Growth 21 May – 20 June
Chapter 9: Start-of summer Season – the Sacred Season for Abundance 23 July – 22 August
Chapter 10: Mid-summer Season – the Sacred Season for Opportunities 21 June – 22 July
Chapter 11: End-of-summer Season – the Sacred Season for Getting Back on Track 23 August – 21 September
Chapter 12: Start-of-autumn Season – the Sacred Season for Gratitude 22 September – 22 October
Chapter 13: Mid-autumn Season – the Sacred Season for Alchemy and Transformation 23 October – 21 November
Chapter 14: End-of-autumn Season – the Sacred Season for Journeying Inwards 22 November – 20 December
Chapter 15: Start-of-winter Season – the Sacred Season for Looking to the Light 21 December – 19 January
Chapter 16: Mid-Winter Season – the Sacred Season for Envisioning and Emerging 20 January – 18 February
Chapter 17: End-of-winter Season – the Sacred Season for Endings and Beginnings 19 February – 20 March

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