From one of the most original thinkers on the role of religion in the modern world, a profound exploration of the spiritual power of nature—and an urgent call to reclaim that power in everyday life.

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Published Date: 09/05/2023
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Since the beginning of time, humankind has looked upon nature and seen the divine. In the writings of the great thinkers across religions, the natural world inspires everything from fear, to awe, to tranquil contemplation; God, or however one defined the sublime, was present in everything. Yet today, even as we admire a tree or take in a striking landscape, we rarely see nature as sacred.

In this short but deeply powerful book, the best-selling historian of religion Karen Armstrong re-sacralizes nature for modern times. Drawing on her vast knowledge of the world’s religious traditions, she vividly describes nature’s central place in spirituality across the centuries. In bringing this age-old wisdom to life, Armstrong shows modern readers how to rediscover nature’s potency and form a connection to something greater than ourselves.

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Mythos and Logos
Sacred Nature
The Holiness of Nature
Our Broken World
The Golden Rule
Concentric circles


"Armstrong’s book makes a vital contribution to discussions on climate change...Her efforts and intentions here are simple: this book is not a rejection of Christianity or Western spirituality, but a rejection of the spiritual outlook that keeps us from seeing the natural world as a part of ourselves....In the face of catastrophe, Armstrong is urging us to return to the spirit." —Farooq Chaudhry, Chicago Review of Books

Sacred Nature abounds in interesting facts about Asian religions, and how-to advice on calming the world’s frenzy and hearing the 'still small voice' of the inner life. The book is a spiritual time capsule of the post-Christian soul in crisis, a lamentation in the key of Greta Thunberg, with undertones of Carl Jung." —Dominic Green, The Wall Street Journal

“Grand in its reach…Armstrong’s book…offers a polycontinental, multi-cultural look at the ways faith and space coexisted for centuries….It’s a perfect book to emerge from a period of isolation and contemplation.” —Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle

"Armstrong...delivers a searching, spiritual take on climate change....The illuminating examinations of a broad array of religious traditions are thought-provoking and have the power to change the way readers see the world and humanity’s place within it. Eye-opening and wide-ranging, this original take on climate change edifies." —Publishers Weekly

“Much has been written on the scientific and technological aspects of climate change…. But Armstrong’s book is both more personal and more profound. Its urgent message is that hearts and minds need to change if we are to once more learn to revere our beautiful and fragile planet.” —The Guardian

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