In kid-friendly language, explains what anxiety is, how it works, and how to manage it
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Published Date: 03/30/2021
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Anxiety in kids is on the rise: 4.4 million children between the ages of 3 and 17 have diagnosed anxiety disorders, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And even more kids experience some level of anxiety in their daily lives. In kid-friendly language, Name and Tame Your Anxiety explains what anxiety is, how it works, and how to manage it.

Written by a parent whose child has anxiety and vetted by Myles L. Cooley, Ph.D., an expert in the field with more than forty years of experience, Name and Tame Your Anxiety provides practical strategies to help kids manage anxiety, including:

-Write down your schedule
-Make anxiety into something funny
-Make a calming toolkit
-Deep breathing
-Name the things around you

This book helps kids understand what is happening in their brains and shows how learning to manage anxiety can help them do the things in life they need and want to do—by practicing anxiety-taming strategies, going to therapy, and/or taking medication. It includes information about how kids can self-advocate for what they need to manage anxiety as well as how to interpret some of the common things adults say to kids about anxiety.

Name and Tame Your Anxiety helps kids better understand and improve their mental health. It also includes self-check and planning exercises, quotes from real kids, and a glossary of terms about anxiety.

Ages 9 to 13

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“This book is a true gem, fun and enlightening to read! I am thinking of all the little people I see in my office who have anxiety, and how most of them feel like they are all alone in it, feeling embarrassed, and they can't see their way out of it. This book shows the bigger landscape of what happens in their brain and how that's connected to their feelings and behaviors. It tells them that anxiety is a common human state and that there are ways of taking charge. I really liked that the book gives kids so much more knowledge and helps them be empowered to deal. I will be sure to recommend it to parents and my colleagues!”—Carina Grandison, Ph.D., developmental neuropsychologist

“Clear, warm, and respectful, Name and Tame Your Anxiety cuts through the jargon to deliver practical information to middle grade readers. Features such as ‘real questions from real kids’ and ‘translating things adults say’ add to the appeal, giving kids actionable steps to better manage their anxiety. A welcome addition to the literature.”—Dawn Huebner, Ph.D., author of Outsmarting Worry and other books for kids

“In my career as a clinical psychologist, I have never come across a clearer and more useful book to help kids (and their caring grown-ups!) dealing with anxiety. It is filled with straightforward, easily understood information about anxiety and its symptoms, functions of the brain, and what to expect in seeking professional treatment. Summer Batte has achieved a just-right balance of affirmative and instructional, gently inviting readers to navigate what may be an uncertain topic. This is not just for kids; this is a wonderful resource for anyone wanting to learn about anxiety. The best part of this book is that it will give your kid confidence to explore anxiety management so that they are free to engage in the kind of life they want for themselves.”—Feliza Guidero, Psy.D., licensed clinical psychologist

“Summer Batte has written an incredibly valuable book. Every parent of a child who struggles with anxiety, phobias, and/or OCD—even in a mild form—can benefit from this book, as can children over the age of nine. I have a young child who is challenged by anxiety, and I am implementing the valuable lessons from this book already. I know that as he grows older, I will be reading through the book with him to help him understand what causes his anxiety, how his brain works, and what he can do to control his most intense and invasive fears. I am so grateful to have this book in my parenting toolkit!”— MeiMei Fox, New York Times bestselling author and Forbes contributor

With Name and Tame Your Anxiety, young readers will benefit from practical tips in straightforward language that doesn’t talk down to them. Its catchy title creates a friendly opening into a guide through the murkiness of anxiety to come out enlightened and empowered with sensible suggestions right away. As an educational therapist who works with students facing varying levels of anxiety, this is a resource I will keep handy to share with parents and students alike. With its grounding in user-friendly neuroscience, this book gave me language and explanations that I use in my practice as well to help demystify the anxiety beast.”—Cynthia Miner Kapelke, M.A., M.Ed., certified educational therapist and founder of Learning Frameworks

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