In an era in which "resistance" has become tokenized, popular Indigenous author Kaitlin Curtice reclaims it as a basic human calling.

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In an era in which "resistance" has become tokenized, popular Indigenous author Kaitlin Curtice reclaims it as a basic human calling. Resistance is for every human who longs to see their neighbors' holistic flourishing. We each have a role to play in the world right where we are, and our everyday acts of resistance hold us all together.

Curtice shows that we can learn to practice embodied ways of belonging and connection to ourselves and one another through everyday practices, such as getting more in touch with our bodies, resting, and remembering our ancestors. She explores four "realms of resistance"--the personal, the communal, the ancestral, and the integral--and shows how these realms overlap and why all are needed for our liberation. Readers will be empowered to seek wholeness in whatever spheres of influence they inhabit.

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Part 1: The Personal Realm
1. What Is Resistance?
2. Art as Resistance
3. Presence as Resistance
4. Embodiment as Resistance
5. Radical Self-Love as Resistance

Part 2: The Communal Realm
6. Childcare as Resistance
7. Ethical Practices as Resistance
8. Solidarity Work as Resistance
9. Protecting the Land as Resistance
10. Kinship as Resistance

Part 3: The Ancestral Realm
11. Decolonizing as Resistance
12. Generosity as Resistance
13. Intergenerational Healing as Resistance
14. Liminality as Resistance
15. Facing History as Resistance

Part 4: The Integral Realm
16. Integration as Resistance
17. Interspiritual Relationship as Resistance
18. Prayer as Resistance
19. Dreaming as Resistance
20. Lifelong Resistance

"In a moment in which 'resistance' is a hashtag and 'wholeness' is an industry, Curtice's Living Resistance--a reckoning, reclaiming, and remembering--is a lifeline reconnecting us with our human calling. Curtice beautifully honors the ancient and eternal promise of liberation as not only our sacred birthright but our marching orders." - Glennon Doyle, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Untamed; founder of Together Rising

"In Living Resistance, Curtice fiercely yet gently calls us home to care about our souls and our bodies, about each other and Mother Earth. It's a timely and timeless call to live resistance every day as we build the world we want, together." - Rev. Dr. Jacqui J. Lewis, senior minister, Middle Church; author of Fierce Love"Living Resistance forges a path to a more whole now and a more whole tomorrow. It shows how healing ourselves, our communities, our Earth, and our society are all inextricable, and how to gently integrate all levels of being and doing so that our daily acts of living become ways of resisting oppressive forces and bringing new possibilities into being."

- Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, author of On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World

"In Living Resistance, Curtice lays out a compassionate call to action for all of us to return to the source, to the root, to that which is love. Curtice writes poetically and sets out a clear and beautiful path that feels accessible to all. This book is a bold, reimagined way for us to stand courageously in our truth." - Joél Leon, poet, author, storyteller

"For those who have been hearing the call for a more equitable, compassionate, and humane world, Living Resistance is the road map we have been looking for. Curtice invites us into a multilayered understanding of resistance with love and justice at the center. Through a tapestry of ancestral, personal, and collective wisdom, she shares both practically and poetically. In a time where we are being invited to rise up and move toward liberation for all of our kin, this book reminds us of the fire we hold in our bellies and the spark we carry in our souls. I am so grateful that this book exists; it's a must-read for all." - Asha Frost, Indigenous Medicine Woman; bestselling author of You Are the Medicine

"There's so much injustice in our world today and so many reasons to resist. Yet we don't have many models of how to engage with our world in ways that make our lives better. In Living Resistance, Curtice taps into Indigenous wisdom for how we can push back while also creating wholeness and happiness for ourselves."

- Simran Jeet Singh, executive director, Aspen Institute's Religion & Society Program; author of The Light We Give: How Sikh Wisdom Can Transform Your Life

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