A new edition of Alice Childress’s classic novel about African American domestic workers, featuring a foreword by Roxane Gay

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Publisher: Beacon Press
Published Date: 01/24/2017
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First published in Paul Robeson’s newspaper, Freedom, and composed of a series of conversations between Mildred, a black domestic, and her friend Marge, Like One of the Family is a wry, incisive portrait of working women in Harlem in the 1950’s. Rippling with satire and humor, Mildred’s outspoken accounts vividly capture her white employers’ complacency and condescension—and their startled reactions to a maid who speaks her mind and refuses to exchange dignity for pay.

Upon publication the book sparked a critique of working conditions, laying the groundwork for the contemporary domestic worker movement. Although she was critically praised, Childress’s uncompromising politics and unflinching depictions of racism, classism, and sexism relegated her to the fringe of American literature. Like One of the Family has been long overlooked, but this new edition, featuring a foreword by best-selling author Roxane Gay, will introduce Childress to a new generation.

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Foreword by Roxane Gay Introduction by Trudier Harris Selected Bibliography by Trudier Harris
Like One of the Family
Listen for the Music
On Sayin’ No
Ridin’ the Bus
Buyin’ Presents
If You Want to Get Along with Me
Got to Go Someplace
The Pocketbook Game
New York’s My Home
All About My Job
The Health Card
Your Soul...Another You
Signs of the Times
Aren’t You Happy?
Nasty Compliments
Old as the Hills
Mrs. James
All the Things We Are
I Liked Workin’ at that Place
Good Reason for a Good Time
I Go to a Funeral
Weekend with Pearl
More Blessed To Give
Sometimes I Feel So Sorry
I Go to Church
I Hate Half-Days Off
What Does Africa Want? Freedom!
I Wish I Was a Poet
Economy Corner
In the Laundry Room
I Could Run a School Too
I Visit Yesterday
Story Tellin’ Time
About Those Colored Movies
Why Should I Get Upset?
What Is It All About?
We Need a Union Too
Pretty Sights and Good Feelin’s
Dope and Things Like That
Merry Christmas, Marge!
On Leavin’ Notes
The “Many Others” in History
Interestin’ and Amusin’
A New Kind of Prayer
History in the Makin’
Dance with Me, Henry
Ain’t You Mad?
Northerners Can Be So Smug
Let’s Face It
If Heaven Is What We Want
Where Is the Speakin’ Place?
So Much for Nothing
The Benevolent Club
All About Miss Tubman
ABC’s of Life and Learning
Somehow I’d Like to Thank Them
Men in Your Life
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“A novel that proves that humor can be the deadliest of weapons...If power were based on worth, Mildred would be running the nation, not cleaning someone else’s house.” —Women’s Review of Books

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