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How the Word is Passed
Author: Clint Smith
Product Code: 9065
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Little, Brown
Publication Date: 12/27/2022

This compelling “important and timely” (Drew Faust, Harvard Magazine) #1 New York Timesbestseller examines the legacy of slavery in America—and how both history and memory continue to shape our everyday lives.

Price: $18.99
How to Be a (Young) Antiracist
Authors: Ibram X Kendi, Nic Stone
Product Code: 9059
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Kokila
Publication Date: 01/31/2023

How to be a (Young) Antiracist will serve as a guide for teens seeking a way forward in acknowledging, identifying, and dismantling racism and injustice.

Price: $19.99
How to Be an Antiracist
Author: Ibram X Kendi
Product Code: 9072
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: One World
Publication Date: 01/31/2023

From the National Book Award–winning author of Stamped from the Beginning comes a “groundbreaking” (Time) approach to understanding and uprooting racism and inequality in our society and in ourselves—now updated, with a new preface.

Price: $18.99
How to Be Less Stupid About Race
Author: Crystal Marie Fleming
Product Code: 6914
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 08/20/2019
A unique and irreverent take on everything that’s wrong with our “national conversation about race”—and what to do about it
Price: $14.95
How to Raise a Feminist Son
Author: Sonora Jha
Product Code: 8971
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Publication Date: 05/24/2022

“This book is a true love letter, not only to Jha’s own son but also to all of our sons and to the parents–especially mothers–who raise them.” —Ijeoma Oluo, author of So You Want to Talk About Race

Price: $19.95
How to Raise an Antiracist
Author: Ibram X Kendi
Product Code: 9134
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: One World
Publication Date: 06/06/2023

The book that every parent, caregiver, and teacher needs to raise the next generation of antiracist thinkers, from the author of How to Be an Antiracist and recipient of the MacArthur “Genius” Grant.

Ibram X. Kendi is the 2022 General Assembly Ware Lecturer
For more information on Ibram X. Kendi, please visit

Price: $18.00
Humanizing Immigration
Author: Bill Ong Hing
Product Code: 9316
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 10/24/2023

First book to argue that immigrant and refugee rights are part of the fight for racial justice; offers a humanitarian approach to reform and abolition

Price: $27.95
I Know What's Best for You
Edited by: Shelly Oria
Product Code: 8983
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: McSweeney's Publishing
Publication Date: 06/07/2022

Edited by Shelly Oria, this explosive, intersectional collection of essays, fiction, poems, plays, and more, explores the universality of human reproductive experiences, as well as their distinct individuality

Price: $21.99
Illegal People
Author: David Bacon
Product Code: 4647
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 06/01/2009

Price: $18.00
Author: Ruha Benjamin
Product Code: 9260
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: W.W. Norton
Publication Date: 02/06/2024

In this revelatory work, Ruha Benjamin calls on us to take imagination seriously as a site of struggle and a place of possibility for reshaping the future.

Price: $22.00
In Between
Author: Mark D. Morrison-Reed
Product Code: 6989
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Skinner House Books
Publication Date: 10/15/2008

Frank personal account of growing up black during the era of the civil rights movement. The author wrestles with racism, the death of Martin Luther King, black radicalism, and his experience in an interracial family.

Price: $18.00
In This Place Together
Author: Penina Eilberg-Schwartz   With: Sulaiman Khatib
Product Code: 8934
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 04/19/2022

A narrative meditation on joint nonviolence, opening a window to the questions of power, multiple narratives, and imagination that touch on struggles for justice everywhere

Price: $17.95