Affirms that the shared hopes of religious progressives from many traditions can create a movement far stronger than fundamentalism: a liberal religious renaissance.

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Hope is rising. The political tide in the United States has turned, and people across the country who have been working for years for social change and justice finally feel as though they aren't struggling alone. Yet for those who ground their social activism in progressive religious belief, it is all too easy to feel spiritually divided and isolated, daunted by the apparent dominance of religious fundamentalists in the media and politics. The impact of liberal religion is richer and more far—reaching than many know—a force for good that has inspired and supported two centuries of American social progress, from the abolition of slavery and the securing of women's rights to the present-day struggles for marriage equality, ecological responsibility, and global peace. In order to sustain our spirits and advance positive social change, progressive people need to claim the transforming power of our theological heritage.

Authored by two leading progressive theologians, A House for Hope affirms that the shared hopes of religious progressives from many traditions can create a movement far stronger than fundamentalism: a liberal religious renaissance. Yet for it to flourish, progressive people must rediscover the spiritual sustenance available in the theological house our liberal forebears built, and embrace what our tradition truly holds sacred, as well as understanding what it rejects.

In lively and engaging language, A House for Hope suggests that liberal religious commitment is based on expansive love for life rather than adherence to narrow dogma. With chapters that reveal the political and personal relevance of the enduring questions at the heart of this theology, A House for Hope shows how religious liberals have countered fundamentalists for generations, and provides progressives with not only a theological but also a spiritual foundation for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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John Buehrens and Rebecca Parker

Part One
The Garden

Chapter One: This Holy Ground
Rebecca Parker

Chapter Two: Last Things First
John Buehrens

Part Two
The Sheltering Walls

Chapter Three: Life Together
Rebecca Parker

Chapter Four: Restoring Heartwood
John Buehrens

Part Three
The Roof

Chapter Five: Deliver Us from Evil
Rebecca Parker

Chapter Six: Taking Refuge
John Buehrens

Part Four
The Foundations

Chapter Seven: The Rocks Will Cry Out
Rebecca Parker

Chapter Eight: The Changing of the Foundations
John Buehrens

Part Five
The Welcoming Rooms

Chapter Nine: A Home for Love
Rebecca Parker

Chapter Ten: The Welcome Table
John Buehrens

Chapter Eleven: A Sanctuary for the Spirit
John Buehrens and Rebecca Parker

Part Six
The Threshold

Chapter Twelve: No Caravan of Despair
Rebecca Parker

Chapter Thirteen: A Call to Partnership

“A thoughtful meditation on religion, duty, and the common good.”—Booklist

“To some observers, religion and conservatism have become inextricably fused. But to [Buehrens and Parker], something new is emerging—a liberal religious renaissance.”—Steven Levingston, The Washington Post

“For nearly three decades, journalists and pundits have focused on the views and beliefs of the Religious Right and basically ignored members of America’s mainline and liberal Protestant establishment. . . . [Buehrens and Parker] have set out to reintroduce people to the riches and bounties of progressive religion.”—Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice

“Buehrens and Parker begin with the life of service and work for justice and deepen it to show the implicit beliefs that it assumes and that are implicit in it. They show that progressive Protestants can be proud and articulate about their beliefs.”—John B. Cobb Jr., coauthor of For the Common Good

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