A gender-inclusive anthology of poetry and prose that addresses the physical and psychological act of being “grabbed,” or in any way assaulted.
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Published Date: 10/06/2020
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The #MeToo movement, the infamous Access Hollywood tape, and the depraved and hypocritical actions of celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and other powerful people have caused people all over the nation to speak out in outrage, to express allegiance for the victims of these assaults, and to raise their voices against a culture that has allowed this behavior to continue for too long.

The editors asked writers and poets to add to the conversation about what being “grabbed” means to them in their own experience or in whatever way the word “grabbed” inspired them. What they received are often searing, heart-rending works, ranging in topic from sexual misconduct to racial injustice, from an unwanted caress to rape, expressed in powerful, beautifully crafted prose and poetry.

The writers represented here, some very well known, such as Rita Dove, Jericho Brown, Eileen Miles, Ana Menendez and Sapphire, as well as some newer voices not yet fully discovered, have mined their collective experiences to reveal their most vulnerable moments, and in some cases, to narrate moments that they have had previously been unwilling or unable to speak of. What results is a collection of emotional, hard-hitting pieces that speak to the aftermath of violation—whether mental, emotional, or physical.

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I. Strangers
What We Did This Year – Freesia McKee
The Truth is I Never Left You – Alexandra Lytton Regalado
Sweet Sixteen – Brenda Cardenas
She Said Stop Here – Cynthia White
Found Poem: Chorus to a Girl – Holly Mitchell
Flashbulb Memory – Iris Jamahl Dunkle
Kidnapped Girls – Catherine Gonick
Hitchhiker – Cynthia White
Tuesdays – Yvonne Cassidy
Duplex – Jericho Brown
Sawdust – David Moscovich
Doctor’s Office First Week in This Country – Javier Zamora
Dispatch From My Early 20s – Catherine Esposito Prescott
The Man With The Violin Case – Ruth Behar
Grabbed Villanelle – Catherine Esposito Prescott
Tenement Trick – Vanessa Garcia
Yellow American Woman – Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello
Poppensesset – Eileen Myles
That Autumn Sunday – Gerry LaFemina
Daughter, They’ll Use Even Your Own Gaze to Wound You – Beth Ann Fennelly
Bingo Night For Missing and Exploited Children – M.B. McLatchy
105 Degrees, South – Lucia Leao
Epistle From The Hospital For Harassment – Jenny Molberg
In Support of Violence – Christopher Soto
Creation Story – Mia Leonin
Angel Heart in Istanbul – Caitlin Grace McDonnell
Layover – Jericho Brown
When in Madagascar – Vicki Hendricks
The Opposite of Monsters – Laura Lee Huttenbach
The Worlds Words Make – Zoe Wlech
In Guiding Dragon – Wasp Behavior of Deviant Tentacles Beneath The Underskirt of An Unsuspecting Queen – Catherine Moore
The Shape of Other People – Kelly Sundberg

II. Institutions
Where to Bow to The Will of The Majority – Jen Karetnick
Women Have Been Trained – Marge Piercy
The Pallor of Survival – Laure-Anne Bosselaar
Like Judith Slaying Holofernes – Paul Tran
Me Too – Nicole Callihan
Girl at The Window – Rhonda J. Nelson
Redemption – Barbra Nightingale
Here is My Pussy – Nicole Callihan
How We Lived – Emma Trelles
Sky – Michael Hettich
Questionnaire for Two Pussies – Denise Duhamel and Maureen Seaton
GB2G4 – Michael Mackin O’Mara
Me Too-The Fall of Man – Cynthia Neely
A Brief History in Pink – Michael Mackin O’Mara
One in Four – David McLoghlin
The Peach Orchard – Rita Dove
Recipe for Resistance – Jen Karetnick
Killing – Miriam Bird Greenberg
Testimony – Denise Duhamel
Words That Know the Sun – Yaddyra Peralta
Body Politic – Bosch Jones
Speaker of the House – Sapphire
“It’s Just Words, Folks. It’s Just Words.” – Denise Duhamel

III. Imposters
Grope – Jessica Cuello
At Least I Didn’t Rape You – Caridad Moro
Cocoa Beach – Terry Godbey
Crank Caller – Nikki Moustaki
Sweet Sixteen – Terry Godbey
Summer Job, NY, Circa 1997 – Catherine Esposito Prescott
Puerto Rican Pussy – Ana Menendez
Up for Grabs – Maggie Smith
Me Too Limerick with Six Drumbeats – Brenda Hillman
What She Told Me – Silvia Curbelo
Pink Underpants – Molly Peacock
El Americano in The Mirror – Richard Blanco
Threshold – Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade
When a White Man Attempts to Steal Your Soul – Hari Ziyad
Said the Poet – Jenny Molberg
At International Judo Camp – Kyle Lopez
The Gift – Rita Maria Martinez
Date Grape – Freesia McKee
For a Minute There, I Thought We Could’ve Been Happy – Cathleen Chambless

IV. Home
Too Old for That, Now – Caridad Moro
Blackout – Elisa Albo
At Any Age – Elisa Albo
A Root – Annie Finch
The Thins Ma Says – Bosch Jones
The Lion Head Belt Buckles – Virgil Suarez
X Marks The Spot – Oliver Brantome
Those Sundays – Christopher Soto
Learning – Gail Carson Levine
Telling – Ivonne Lamazares
Psych Ward – Colleen Sutton
Because What We Do Does Not Die – Ellen Bass
Gender Bender – Jennifer Michael Hecht
In Memoriam, Ann – Debra Dean
Blindsided – Angela Bonavoglia
First Kiss – Lynne Barrett
Seven Times Seven – Trish MacEnulty

Afterword – Anita Hill

"A richly diverse, creative, and gender-inclusive anthology . . . at once deeply shocking and shockingly commonplace, writing candidly, devastatingly, sometimes wittily. With a defining introduction by Joyce Maynard and a resounding afterword by Anita Hill, this is a universal and clarifying call to break the long silence that has imprisoned so many in pain and self-blame. With many contributors writing about being ‘grabbed’ when they were children or teens, this is a hard-hitting, enlightening, and empowering collection." - Booklist, Starred Review

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