A popular fundraising blueprint for small- to mid-sized nonprofit organizations

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Published Date: 03/22/2022
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In the newly revised Eighth Edition of Fundraising for Social Change, two nonprofit leadership veterans deliver a hands-on, how-to guide to establishing and expanding a diverse base of donors. The authors maintain a focus on groups working toward racial, economic, and climate justice, providing trustworthy and relevant information that can be easily understood.

The book includes a free Instructor's Manual, as well as access to supplementary online content with additional resources. Readers will also find:

"Spotlight" sections highlighting the reflections and wisdom of a varied group of fundraisers
Insightful explorations about managing fundraising, including establishing a fundraising infrastructure, hiring a development director, and using consultants and coaches
Discussions of budgeting and planning, as well as how to handle significant financial trouble

An indispensable resource for nonprofit board members, managers, founders, and employees, Fundraising for Social Change is a must-read roadmap to raising money. It belongs on the bookshelves of leaders, activists and organizers seeking to advance racial, economic, environmental or social justice.

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Table of Contents

Online Content xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction to the 8th Edition xv
About the Authors xvii

Part One Nonprofits and the Money They Raise 1
1 The Size and Scope of the Nonprofit Sector 3
2 Creating a Fundraising Philosophy 17
3 Be Clear About What the Money Will Do 21
4 What You Have to Understand to Begin Fundraising 31
5 The Importance of a Good Board of Directors 37

Part Two Ask Them, Thank Them, Ask Them Again 53
6 Financial Needs and Fundraising Strategies 55
7 The Very Human Need for Appreciation 67
8 Getting Comfortable with Asking 77
9 Ask Real Prospects 87
10 How to Ask 97
11 Strengthening Relationships by Creating Categories of Donors 107

Part Three Strategies for Acquisition and Retention 113
12 Multichannel Fundraising 115
13 What Successful Mass Appeals Have in Common 121
14 Direct Mail 131
15 Online Fundraising 153
16 Phone Banking 169
17 Special Events 181
18 Establishing Voluntary Fees for Service 199
19 Door-to-Door and Street Canvassing 205
20 Opportunistic Fundraising 215

Part Four Inviting Current Donors to Make Bigger Gifts 221
21 Building Major Donor Programs 223
22 Setting Up and Maintaining Recurring Donor Programs 237
23 Legacy Giving 245
24 Setting Up an Endowment 259

Part Five Using Campaigns to Raise Large Amounts of Money 269
25 What All Large Campaigns Have in Common 271
26 Raising Money for Capital 279
27 Endowment Campaigns 291
28 Conducting Feasibility Studies 297

Part Six Budgeting and Planning 301
29 Developing a Budget 303
30 Creating a Fundraising Plan 315
31 What to Do in Case of Financial Trouble 321
32 The Perennial Question of Clean and Dirty Money 327

Part Seven Fundraising Management 331
33 Infrastructure for Fundraising 333
34 Hiring a Development Director 341
35 Using a Consultant, Coach, Mentor, or Trainer 351
36 Dealing with Anxiety 361

Part Eight You the Fundraiser 365
37 Know What You Need to Know 369
38 Working with Your Executive Director 377
39 Working with Volunteers 383
40 When You Encounter Ethical Dilemmas 391
Part Nine Special Circumstances 397
41 Raising Money in Rural Communities 399
42 Fundraising for a Coalition 411
43 When No One Is Paid 417
44 When You Are Just Starting Out 425

Part Ten The Power of Individual Donors in Two Social Movements 429
45 Fundraising for LGBTQ+ Equality and Justice 431
46 Building Political Power for Immigrants’ Rights 447
Index 459
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