Critiques anti-fat prejudice and the Church's historic participation in it, calling for a fatphobic reckoning for the sake of God's gospel of freedom.

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Published Date: 04/15/2023
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Whether your body is small or large, aged or young, disabled or abled, toned or soft, lithe or stiff--or somewhere in-between--anti-fatness affects us all, because it is intended to. Fat Church critiques anti-fat prejudice and the Church's historic participation in it, calling for a fatphobic reckoning for the sake of God's gospel of freedom.

Pastor and theological educator Anastasia Kidd reviews the history of diet culture, fat studies, beauty, body policing--and the white supremacist machinations underpinning them--in order to work for a society rooted in body liberation for all. Fat Church offers a disruption to social habits of shame and remembers the theology of abundance that calls us all beloved by God.

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"Chocked full of eye-opening information about fatness and our current cultural moment, Fat Church is a valuable addition to the growing library of books on faith and fatness. I enjoyed Kidd's poignant prose about her lived experience in a fat body, and I am thankful for her invitation to "enjoy the fullness of our bodies, to revel in our experience a full life in God's good Creation." - Amanda Martinez Beck, author of More of You: The Fat Girl's Field Guide to the Modern World

"Kidd has written a book that sits at the intersection of pulling people towards her and moving them forward with her. Fat Church is long overdue to explore the evolution of evangelicalism and its connection to anti-fat bias and racism. Whether you describe yourself as an evangelical or progressive Christian, this book is for you." - Christyna Johnson, MS, RDN, LD, Non-Diet Registered Dietitian, Encouraging Nutrition, LLC

"I did not know how much I needed this book. You cannot walk away from Fat Church without radically rethinking your relationship to your own body--and your faith. Anastasia Kidd brings her extensive research to your kitchen table, prompting you to think, feel, rage, cry, laugh, and stare into the death-dealing cultural production of anti-fatness. From an expose of the diet/medical/wellness industries to an exploration of Christian messages of bodily perfection, Kidd invites readers into a vision of church that most of us have never known. Christian or not, we are invited to rethink faith as a journey to claim bodily love against the forcefields of anti-fatness. Her incisive analysis is met, at every turn, with a rare combination of anger and celebration. It is Kidd's own voice that lingers, to hold us to accountability and to simply hold us with the compassion that she is claiming for herself." - Dr. Shelly Rambo, Boston University School of Theology, author of Spirit and Trauma and Resurrecting Wounds

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