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Rethinking Gender
Author: Louie Läuger
Product Code: 9049
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: The MIT Press
Publication Date: 11/01/2022

A lively, informative, and engaging guide to gender by an author-illustrator who helps readers understand the multiplicity of answers to “What even is gender?”

Price: $24.95
A diverse collection of autistic voices that highlights how parents can avoid common mistakes and misconceptions, and make their child feel truly accepted, valued, and celebrated for who they are
Price: $18.00
So We Can Know
Edited by: Aracelis Girmay
Product Code: 9082
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Haymarket
Publication Date: 02/07/2023

In this brave and devastatingly beautiful anthology, the illustrious poet and editor Aracelis Girmay gathers complex and intimate pieces that illuminate the nuances of personal and collective histories, analyses, practices, and choices surrounding pregnancy.

Price: $21.95
Social Insecurity
Author: James W. Russell
Product Code: 5459
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 04/07/2015

How 401(k)s have gutted retirement security, from charging exorbitant hidden fees to failing to replace the income of traditional pensions.

Price: $20.00
Social Justice Parenting
Author: Traci Baxley
Product Code: 9109
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Harper Wave
Publication Date: 04/11/2023

An empowering, timely guide to raising anti-racist, compassionate, and socially conscious children, from a diversity and inclusion educator with more than thirty years of experience

Price: $17.99
Soul Repair
Authors: Rita Nakashima Brock, Gabriella Lettini
Product Code: 2909
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon Press
Publication Date: 11/05/2013

Price: $16.00
Sounds Fake But Okay
Authors: Sarah Costello, Kayla Kaszyca
Product Code: 9075
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: 02/21/2023

Sarah and Kayla invite you to put on your purple aspec glasses - and rethink everything you thought you knew about society, friendship, sex, romance and more.

Price: $19.95
Surviving Transphobia
Author: Laura Jacobs
Product Code: 9215
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: 09/21/2023

An anthology by transgender and gender nonbinary people on endurance during times of severe hostility

Price: $19.95
Talking about Death
Author: Earl A. Grollman   Illustrated By: Susan Avishai
Product Code: 4229
Binding Info: Paperback
Publisher: Beacon
Publication Date: 10/01/1993
Compassionate guide for adults and children to read together.
Price: $20.00
Tear Soup
Authors: Pat Schwiebert, Chuck DeKlyen   Illustrated by: Taylor Bills
Product Code: 5894
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Grief Watch
Publication Date: 01/01/1999
Affirms the bereaved - Educates the unbereaved - A building-block for children
Price: $21.95
The Bear and the Wildcat
Author: Kazumi Yumoto   Illustrated by: Komako Sakai   Translated by: Cathy Hirano
Product Code: 9142
Binding Info: Hardback
Publisher: Gecko Press
Publication Date: 02/07/2023

A picture book with delicate illustrations that explains the path of grief, ending with the uplifting new beginning of a budding friendship based on understanding.

Price: $19.99
The Book of Non-Binary Joy
Author: Ben Pechey   Illustrated by: Sam Prentice
Product Code: 8977
Binding Info: Paperback / softback
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication Date: 05/19/2022

Oh hello darling, and welcome to The Book of Non-Binary Joy! This book is here to help you be yourself - free from judgement and expectation - as you unlock more joy in your life. Take my hand, and let's start your journey of self-love today.

Price: $18.95
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