Comprehensive guidebook for religious educators of adolescents
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Published Date: 10/20/2008
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Comprehensive and practical, Coming of Age Handbook for Congregations is a treasury of tools for the religious educator of adolescents. As youth prepare to leave childhood, congregations seeking to honor this transition will benefit from the wealth of ideas in this guide. Coming of Age Handbook for Congregations is filled with workshops for youth, small group ministry sessions for parents, social action projects and rites of passage. Participants will explore theology, spirituality and history through discussion, drama, music, writing and art. Field tested by congregations with groups ranging from four to twenty-three participants, this guide will help both congregations and youth to define their beliefs and put their faith into action.

Praise for Coming of Age Handbook for Congregations:

"As a parish minister who has been supportive of and involved in various Coming of Age programs for some forty years, I roundly welcome this trenchant compendium of resources! The material is thoughtful and comprehensive for all the participants in Coming of Age endeavors, but it also contains pearls of wisdom useful for Unitarian Universalist congregational life at large. What a treasure trove!" Rev. Tom Owen-Towle, author of Growing a Beloved Community.

"This handbook is an extremely ambitious project that brings together a multitude of ideas and practices from many Unitarian Universalist churches' Coming of Age programs into a cohesive package. Thanks to Rev. Millspaugh and the UUA Tapestry team for this resource." Stan Crow, Director Emeritus, Rite of Passage Journeys

"Coming of Age is sensitive to culture, race, class, gender and theological/philosophical diversity. During field testing, we had a very positive experience, and we will be using it again this year." Jennifer Hamlin-Navias, Director of Religious Education, May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society, Syracuse, New York

"This is a comprehensive approach for implementing a Coming of Age program from scratch. What I especially like about it is that you do not have to give up your existing program in order to implement the many innovative approaches for enrichment." Irene Praeger, Director of Religious Education, First Parish, Needham, Massachusetts

To see "Workshop 12: Learning to Lead Worship", click here.

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Leader Resource List
Handout List

Leaders and Mentors
Parents and Facilitators
Small Group Ministry for Parents

Session 1 Parenting: How is it going?
Sessions 2 Looking Back
Session 3 Knowing and Not Knowing
Session 4 Preparing for Transition
Session 5 Walking Forward, Together


Unit 1 Community Building
Workshop 1 Covenant and community building
Workshop 2 The community building continues!
Workshop 3 Peace and put-downs

Unit 2 Credos
Workshop 4 Your autobiography
Workshop 5 Writing your credo
Workshop 6 Finalizing your credo

Unit 3 Unitarian Universalist Beliefs
Workshop 7 Unitarian Universalist Values
Workshop 8 Unity and diversity
Workshop 9 Good and evil
Workshop 10 Talking about Unitarian Universalism

Unit 4 Spirituality
Workshop 11 The web of interdependence
Workshop 12 Learning to lead worship
Workshop 13 Attending worship
Workshop 14 Rituals of Our Faith
Workshop 15 Introduction to spiritual practice
Workshop 16 Prayer
Workshop 17 Making an altar
Workshop 18 Stillness, silence and meditation
Workshop 19 Spirituality in movement
Workshop 20 Connecting to the natural world

Unit 5 Unitarian Universalist Theology
Workshop 21 Starting with us Workshop 22 Your God Project Workshop 23 The God you don’t believe in, the God you do Workshop 24 Life, death and the afterlife

Unit 6 Justice
Workshop 25 Understanding social action
Workshop 26 How UU’s make a difference
Workshop 27 Our Unitarian Universalist story
Workshop 28 The local story

Unit 8 Leadership
Workshop 29 The meaning and practice of leadership
Workshop 30 Leadership in congregational life

Unit 9 Closure
Workshop 31 Closing celebration

Community Service Projects

Session 1 Choose the project
Session 2 Complete and process the project

Social action projects
Session 1 choose the project
Session 2 Complete and process the project

Supplemental Activities
Group Trips
Retreats and Rites of Passage

Choosing the mask we wear
Sharing our dreams
Wisdom circle

Services of Recognition
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