An indispensable guide to social and political progressivism for young people and anyone wanting to get more involved.

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ISBN: 9781536233025
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Publisher: Candlewick
Pages: 528
Published Date: 04/09/2024
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Every generation inherits the problems created by the ones before them, but no generation will inherit as many problems - as many crises - as the current generation of young people. From the devastations of climate change to the horrors of gun violence, from rampant transphobia to the widening wealth gap, from the lack of health care to the lack of housing, the challenges facing the next generation can feel insurmountable. But change, even revolution, is possible; you just have to know where to start. In Better Than We Found It, best-selling author Frederick Joseph and debut author Porsche Joseph make the case for addressing some of the biggest issues of our day. Featuring more than two dozen interviews with prominent activists, authors, actors, and politicians, this is the essential resource for those who want to make the world better than we found it.

Featuring interviews with:
Mehcad Brooks
Keah Brown
Julián Castro
Sonja Cherry-Paul
Chelsea Clinton
Charlotte Clymer
Mari Copeny, aka Little Miss Flint
Greg D’Amato
Jesse Katz
Amed Khan
Daniel Alejandro Leon-Davis
Willy and Jo Lorenz
Ben O’Keefe
Brittany Packnett Cunningham
Anna Paquin
Robert Reich
Brandon T. Sniderv Nic Stone
Anton Treuer
Andrea Tulee
David Villalpando
Elizabeth Warren
Shannon Watts
Natalie Weaver
Brandon Wolf

Ages 12 and up.

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Foreword by Taylor Denise Richardson
Introduction: Together, We Can…

1: Not All Information Is Created Equal
The Dangers of Disinformation (featuring Chelsea Clinton and David Villapando)
2: We’re the Planeteers; You Can Be One, Too
The Threat of the Climate Crisis and Environmental Racism (featuring Willy and Jo Lorenz and Mari Copeny)
3: Sledgehammers and Glass Ceilings
Being a Feminist and Womanist Accomplice (featuring Brittany Packnett Cunningham and Mehcad Brooks)
4: Let Them Eat Cake
The Damage Caused by the Wealth Gap (featuring Robert Reich)

5: we Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Leave Home
The Devastation of Gun Violence (featuring Shannon Watts and Brandon Wolf) (*trigger warning*)

6: You Can’t Discover a Place If People Are Already There
The Importance of Addressing Indigenous Land Theft (featuring Anton Treuer and Andrea Tulee)

7: Black Squares Don’t Save Lives
Consistently Practicing Anti-racism and (Re) Learning History (featuring Dr. Sonja Cherry-Paul)

8: The More You Know!
The Need for Education Reform (featuring Elizabeth Warren)

9: The Heteronormative Agenda
The Dangers and Ignorance of Homophobia (featuring Brandon T. Snider)

10: The Price of Life
The Importance of Health Care Reform (featuring Anna Paquin and Jesse Katz)

11: You, Me, Us, Them
Respecting Gender Identities (featuring Charlotte Clymer and Ben O’Keefe) (*trigger warning*)

12: Home Is Where the Rent Is (or Isn’t)
The Need for Housing Security (featuring Juliàn Castro)

13: We Have Money for War but Won’t Feed the Poor
Understanding the Military Industrial Complex

14: America’s Modern Slavery
Dismantling the Prison-Industrial Complex (featuring Nic Stone)

15: Is Everyone Really Welcome?
The Dangers of Ableism (featuring Keah Brown, Natalie Weaver, and Greg D’Amato)

16: No Human Is Illegal
The Impact of Immigration Policy (featuring Daniel Alejandro Leon-Davis)

The End: We Can Be Heroes
On Seeing Each Other’s Humanity (featuring Frederick Joseph and Porche Joseph)

The Dictionary of Change
Source Notes

While this material is both accessible and enlightening, the most compelling parts of the book are when the co-authors share personal experiences. They tell stories about events they’ve witnessed, recalling their emotions and reactions, and explaining the lasting effects. . . . Whether considered individually or taken as a whole, these crucial topics will shape the future, and the Josephs want readers to be ready to join the conversation. - Booklist (starred review)

Using an approachable first-person narration, the Josephs tackle a wide range of topics, including the climate crisis and environmental racism, wealth gaps, and gun violence. . . . While maintaining a warmth and sense of hope that keeps readers engaged, this worthy read offers necessary deep dives into relevant topics. - Publishers Weekly

Perfect for anyone interested in helping others or getting involved to help the current generation be better and more informed. . . . The matters are current and provide a tell-tale sign of the times for future readers to consider. - School Library Connection

In this comprehensive, intersectional callout of inequitable systems and institutions, the Josephs call us in, focusing our attention on not only what is important to fight against but also what is critical to fight for. This book is urgent, as is the work we each must do to dismantle oppressive forces that work to divide and destroy us. - Dr. Sonja Cherry-Paul, educator and coauthor of Stamped (for Kids)

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